Friday, October 10, 2014

Prayer 627- for justice, brotherhood, and advocacy

Rev. Sekou has been arrested last Monday while praying with protesters in Ferguson. Of all the clergy there, he was the only one arrested.

(originally written after the Trayvon Martin tragedy, republished due to a rash of deaths at the hands of police in the St. Louis area)

Almighty God, what is done is done. Teach us what to do with that, and teach us how to be wiser. Teach us to truly love our neighbor, and remember that our neighbor includes the stranger in our midst. Teach us that our first duty is not suspicion, but love. Help us reorient our hearts, dear God, that we be united, not divided. Help us to see You in the face of every person we encounter, even in the faces of those of different races, creeds, or religions. Heal the hearts of those who are in pain, distress, anger, or grief, O Lover of our souls, especially these we now name.


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