Thursday, October 31, 2013

Prayer 284 (Lord's Prayer Cycle)

Our Father in heaven, we are called to forgive others as much as You forgive us. 

Help us let go of anger and resentment when we have been wronged, and nurture understanding in place of feeding the weeds of rage. Help us to understand that all are wounded and in need of healing, including ourselves. Help us to lower our defenses and not impugn the motives of those we love, and remember they love us. Help us to judge only as harshly as we ourselves wish to be judged, and no more. For You are our loving God, and You forgive us repeatedly when we fail You. Teach us that in bearing grudges we grip a weight that will sink us, and when harboring anger we risk loss in a sea of recrimination. 

Let us embrace those who seek our pardon, and repair mutual injury with the balm of Love that never fails. O Loving One, hear our prayers and grant your benediction and grace to those whose needs we now raise before You.


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Prayer 283 (Lord's Prayer Cycle)

Our Father in heaven, we thank You for your forgiveness of our manifold sins. Again and again You call to us when we have wandered from your ways, and stubbornly separate ourselves from your Love. We repent of the evil we have done, and the evil that is done on our behalf, and the very real hurt we have caused.

Forgive us when we place our selves as an idol in the sanctuary of our hearts, which should be dedicated to worship of You alone, O Redeemer.

Help us to acknowledge the sins done because we do not try to prevent them, and arouse in us the will to take action.

Teach us that the root of righteousness and salvation is found in fully opening our hearts to each other and to You.

Help us clothe ourselves and our motives in charity and obedience, O Christ. Help us direct our wills to the establishment of justice and peace.

Come into our hearts, O Spirit, and guide us in matters great and small, for your Love heals all our woundedness.

O Loving One, hear our prayers and grant your benediction and grace to those whose needs we now raise before You.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Prayer 282 (Lord's Prayer Cycle)

Our Father in heaven, we ask that you give us our daily bread. 

Help us to remember and help those who are hungry each time we ourselves give thanks at table. Bless the farmers with a bountiful harvest and for their love and care of the earth. Grant that all who produce our food do so safely, sustainably and humanely. You sustain us with abundant grace: make us hunger for that bread that gives eternal life. Bring us together at your table for that heavenly banquet which unites all in your kingdom. May we be strengthened and renewed in communion with You and each other and inspired to spread your Love into the world. 

Watch over those whose needs we now remember.


Monday, October 28, 2013

Prayer 281 (Lord's Prayer Cycle)

Our Father in heaven, we pray that your kingdom come on earth as in heaven. 

Reign over us, Almighty God, that we may live our lives in service to You and to each other. Let us always remember that You are God, and we are not. Let us be dedicated to doing your will by being a holy people founded upon mercy and fellowship. Let us demand justice and equity of ourselves and of our leaders. 

Watch over those whose needs we now remember, especiallythose we now name.


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Prayer 280 (Lord's Prayer Cycle)

Our Father in heaven, we pray that your name be made holy: let what we do hallow your Name, for it is through our actions that You are made known. 

Let the words of our mouths enlighten darkness, dispel enmity, and heal ancient wounds. Let us act honorably and compassionately toward the least in our society, that all may live together in justice and peace. Let us remember that your Love is a sacred calling, and as your people we minister in Your Name in everything we do. Grant us the strength to be gentle and the wisdom to be foolish in the name of Love. 

Watch over those whose needs we now remember, especially those we now name.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Prayer 279

Our hopes rise with the sun, O God: let us dwell in your sight forever. We thank You for the gift of your creation: let us treat all living things with care and respect. Make us like little children, to see this world with eyes of wonder at the glorious works of your hands. Help us to see ourselves as part of your creation, whose beauty sings a song of your Love to us. Help us walk gently with each other, spreading compassion in every step. Look with favor on those whose needs we raise before You today

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Prayer 265 (Inspired by Psalm 131)

(Inspired by Psalm 131)
O God, we come before You, 
humble in heart, 
rejoicing in your manifold mercies. 
Let us not puff ourselves up with pride, 
for we seek to be worthy of your Name. 

Let us still our souls to rest upon You, 
as a small child turns into the arms of her mother, 
resting upon her breast. 

Let us fasten upon this simple Truth: 
that You are our God, 
the root of all we are and all we do. 
Let us center our determination 
upon honoring your Word in our lives, 
for we depend solely upon You 
for wisdom and truth. 

Knit us together in love and brotherhood, 
united in purpose to serve You 
through each other. 
Refresh the souls of the weary, Lord Christ, 
and give your peace to those we now name.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Prayer 278

Glory to You, Loving One, glory to You: we rise to sing your praise.

All things come into being at your Word: let all I do and all I am be inspired by You.
You have molded all creation to work in harmony: let our love and obedience be a witness in the world.
You abide with us in faithfulness even when we falter: may we seek you always in our need.
You hold all our times in your hand: be with those who laugh and those who weep.

May your Spirit rest upon those whose needs are known to You alone, and those whom we now name.