Monday, February 3, 2014

Prayer - Faith (Day 378)

(Inspired by Hebrews 11: 1-12)
Almighty, Merciful God, we praise you and bless you with the rising sun. 

You have brought us, through faith, to this new day, and sustained us in all our journeys. You have blessed us abundantly, and made us sure even when our paths have led us beyond all that we knew. 

Let us have the faith to open our hearts to You and have the courage to do Your will. Let us see that faith is the father of hope, and hope is the mother of love. 

We lift up our hearts and lives before You, O God, that we may be bound together through faith and love. Mindful of all our blessings, penitent for all our faults, we put our faith in your goodness, compassion, and mercy. 

Watch over those whose needs and concerns we share, especially those we now name.


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