Saturday, February 28, 2015

Prayer 768

O God, we lift our hearts to You: from the rising of the sun to its setting we will praise your steadfast love. 

In our joy as in our sorrow we will hold fast to your saving hand, for You, O Lord, are always with us. We bow before You, O Holy One, & empty ourselves of all our pride: we repent of all that separates us from your love. May we draw deep from the well of your lovingkindness and compassion, that we may serve You faithfully and joyfully. 

Refresh the spirits of those who are tired, and restore the light of your blessing to those who worry or mourn. Let your Spirit alight upon us like a sparrow on a rooftop, and may we sing out your truth to the dawn of your love within us. Place us within the hollow of your hand, Lord Christ, and set your people within the broad plain of your mercy. Hear the whispered prayers of your people, Holy One, and shelter those who call on You.


Friday, February 27, 2015

Prayer 767

Almighty God, whose Love came down to us in the gift of your Son to lead us to truth, we bow before You in prayer. Send your Spirit of Peace and Wisdom to pull back that which veils our hearts, that we may stand before You in thankfulness. We have been marked as your own, O God: may we lift up our voices in unceasing praise. Hold us fast within your safekeeping, O Rock of Salvation, and guide us into holy fellowship as your children. Bless us and preserve us, O God, and give ear to the prayers of those we now name.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Prayer 766

In peace, we pray to You, O Lord Most High: Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier. Holy One, may your love shine from each page in the book of our lives today. Bring us into deeper understanding of your steadfast love for us, that we may anchor ourselves in your truth. Be our companion and protector upon the way of love that we gladly tread for the glory of your Name. Draw us into your merciful embrace, O God, that we may accept the gift of your grace with humility and awe for all our blessings. Give us strength to carry us through our trials and sorrows, O Comforter, for our hearts find their home in You. Grant your benediction and protection to those we now name, Precious Lord, especially those we now name.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Prayer 765

Lord Christ, you were born into the world to lift up and save us in our weakness: we raise our hearts to you in thanks and praise. 

May we seek to make ourselves holy in all we do today. 
May we place our intentions upon the altar of blessing, that all we do may be good and pleasing in your sight. 
May we seek to mend the spirits of those whose hearts have been battered and bruised by trouble or hurt. 
May we seek to love others rather than use them, rejoicing in the presence of Christ within each other. 
May we allow ourselves to be wholly yours, that we may reflect into the world your peace and justice. 

May our prayers ascend to You like the scent of jasmine on a warm southern breeze. Spread over us the cloak of your mercy, and place your hand of blessing upon those we now name.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Prayer 764

Most Merciful God, we place ourselves before You and your throne, thankful for your care through the night watches. One day has told its tale to another, and we arise ready to bear your banner into the world. 

Drive far from us all sinful desires and purify our intentions, O Holy One, that we may live out our love for You anew. May our words and deeds testify to your glory, grace, and mercy: use our hands to do your will in the world. Strengthen us and uplift us, that we are made a holy people, unified by our love for You and each other. 

Spread your love like a healing balm over those whom we now name, and bless them as we remember them throughout the day.


Monday, February 23, 2015

Prayer 763

Merciful Lord, we come before your throne, seeking to do your will. Hold us fast within your saving hand, and heal us of all that divides us from You. 

Forgive us, Holy One, for the times we have viewed those around us as means rather than ends. Forgive us, O Redeemer, for the times we have answered love with suspicion, jealousy, or faithlessness. 

Break open our hearts that they may bloom into hope and encourage others to live into faith and fulfillment in You. Strengthen us do the work of justice and peace as true disciples in the hope of building your kingdom. Give us the trust of little children, that we may grow in faith and love. Place our feet upon the holy mountain of your truth, that we may stretch toward the sun of your righteousness. 

Make us instruments of healing and wholeness unto the world under the banner of your grace and mercy. In your compassion, seal us and mark us as your own, and bring your blessing to rest upon those we now name.


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Prayer 762

Lord, God, we raise our thanks to heaven as we enter your sanctuary in answer to your call of love and hope. 

We repent of the time we have failed to follow your commandments, of the times we have failed others and ourselves. 

In your tender mercy, we ask that you receive our remorse for all our sins, and dedicate ourselves to the path of life in You. Blessed Jesus, lead us out of our stumbling in the darkness by the light of your truth. 

May we be reflections of your light, Lord Christ. May the overflowing of your love in us inspire us to works of kindness and mercy in the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Accept the offered prayers of your people, O Holy One, and pour the oil of your blessing over those we now name.


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Prayer 761

A window at Trinity Episcopal Church, Tulsa.

Come, let us bless the Lord, who forgives all our sins, and is with us in joy and in sorrow. 

Almighty One, spread the wings of your mercy over us, and gather us into your embrace, for we are lost without You. Soothe our fevered brows, and place your cooling touch upon us, for we find our rest and peace in You. Lift the yoke of uncertainty and fear from us, and bathe us with the light of your wisdom. 

Surround us in the love of the company of all those who love us, to bear us up when we falter. May we breathe out our prayers, and breathe in your strength and courage, for You are with us always. Lead us into the cool valley of your peace, and make us glad to be at play in the fields of the Lord. Holy One, we lift up the names of these, beloved of God, and ask for your blessing.


Friday, February 20, 2015

Prayer 760

Most Holy God, envelop us in your love and grace today. May we bend the knee of our hearts, minds, souls, and bodies, to live in joyful obedience to your will. Make us bold to step out upon the path of love that you have set before us, for the way of hope is the way of blessing. 

Give us the courage to dare to work for your kingdom, proclaim our love for You to all. 
Give us the hope to reimagine our lives with You and each other, holding fast to your testaments. 
Give us faith to see that your ways are sure and beautiful, and work to open the closed fists of our hearts. 
Give us strength to reach out to those in need, loving our brothers and sisters as ourselves. 
Give your light to those who are lost, O Holy One, and give your peace to those who are troubled. 

For You are the God of Compassion, and we want to be your people, your beacons, and your witnesses. We ask that You gather within your embrace those we now name.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Prayer 759- Prayer of Penitence

Let us be still before the Lord, waiting patiently for the light of God. 

Holy One, we humbly pray for forgiveness for our sins, for our impatience and grudges, our refusal to trust in your mercy. 
We pray for our failures, of You and of each other, that we may turn back from our stubborn hardness of heart. 
We have sought preferment over community, & offered our backs rather than our hand to those in need: forgive us, Lord. 
We have scattered the children's food to the dogs of war and strife: may we repent of our folly. 

Merciful God, rend open our hearts that they may shine forth with your love. Take us by the hand and lead us into living your truth in our lives, Holy One, that we may be witnesses to your shalom. Rest your hand of blessing over those suffering in body, mind, or spirit, and give your angels charge over those we now name.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Prayer 758- Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday, 2015.

Most Holy God, we humbly come before You, seeking pardon and reconciliation from You and all whom we have wronged. Mark us as your own today, O God, we pray, that we may remember our covenant of devotion with You and each other. 

We open our hearts to You: refine and purify us, that we may be filled with compassion and humility. We open our minds to You: refine and purify us, that we may be filled with your wisdom and truth. We open our souls to You: refine and purify us, that your Spirit may live within us always and guide us to new life and hope. 

May we focus all our efforts on building your kingdom and living out your Word, Almighty Ruler. Hear the prayers, thanksgivings, and supplications of your people, Gracious One.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Prayer 757- the last day of Epiphany

Inspired by the 23rd Psalm:
O Lord, You are our shepherd;
help us to be better sheep.
When You give us green pastures,
help us to be grateful and not refuse to eat.
When You lead us beside still waters,
help us quiet our souls and be refreshed.
When our cups run over,
help us not to obsess about the mess
but shout for joy at the abundance you give us always.
When You lead us to right pathways,
help us not to be hardheaded
and go astray.
When we are in the darkest valley,
help us to remember that You are ALWAYS with us.

When you spread a table before us
in the presence of our enemies,
help us invite them to join us,
that their hearts may be turned by love.

Help us to stop bleating long enough
to hear Your voice calling us to You.

May we remember
that your goodness and mercy
follow all of us all the days of our lives.


Monday, February 16, 2015

Prayer 756

Blessed Lord, we place our hearts before You, thanking You for all your manifold blessings. Watch over those who are in the midst of storms, that they may be safe. Holy One, bring us into a fuller awareness of the miracles we see each day. Let us rejoice within our hearts for the many times You have rescued us and placed us upon dry ground. Let us testify to your goodness and mercy, Loving God, and breathe deep your grace. Hold us fast within the palm of your hand, O Creator, and place your peace like a mantle over those we now name.


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Prayer 755

Most Holy Lord, God of power and might, we raise our shouts of alleluia to You, remembering your love and faithfulness to us. 

Bring us into your sanctuary, and make our hearts a worthy place of habitation for your Spirit. Bring us into a circle of faith that we may join the cloud of witnesses who have testified to your goodness and love. Bring us to the broad path of your salvation, that we may follow in the building of your kingdom through your Son, Jesus Christ. Bring us into reconciliation with each other, that we may honor You in our love of and care for all, especially those who are troubled in any way. 

Blessed Redeemer, bear us up by your immeasurable grace, and grant a double portion of blessing to those we now name.


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Prayer 754

Holy, Holy, Holy God, draw us into the light of your glory and make your face to shine upon us. 

Almighty One, we thank You for the shelter of your love in times of trial, and ask your forgiveness for all our sins. Set our hearts ablaze with zeal for your house, that we may sing praises to your wisdom. Guide us into unity with each other, rejoicing in the light of your love throughout creation. Give us hearts for justice and make us disciples of peace, that we may walk in the ways of God forever. 

Incline your ear to hear our whispered prayers, Loving One, and spread your blessing like a mantle over those we now name.


Friday, February 13, 2015

Prayer 753

The work of the street artist Faith47. Photo from her website.

Almighty God, may we still our minds and open our hearts to receive your Spirit of Wisdom and Love. Let your justice, O God, break free and fill our hearts to overflowing with the knowledge that we are all one in You. Let us shout alleluias for the grace we receive through your Son our Savior, Jesus Christ. Give us the strength to persevere in hope and sing out in joy, all for your love's sake. Almighty One, extend the shield of your mercy over those who call out to You.


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Prayer 752- Abundant Grace

a schoolgirl dances with joy on the beach in St. Lucia.

We gather ourselves in silence before the great mystery of God's steadfast compassion for creation. 

Holy, Loving God, may we throw open the gates of our hearts and accept your love today. Help us to remember that You love us in spite of all, and be inspired to be worthy of that gift. May we know that our lives overflow with abundant grace, Lord Christ, and rejoice in the weight of your hand upon us. 

May we rejoice in surrendering our will to You, O Holy One, and free ourselves from the weight of fear and anxiety. May we pass through the gates of your pastures with rejoicing, united in thanksgiving and companionship in the community of saints. May we join the cloud of witnesses who sing out unending praise to our Savior and Redeemer. May we draw strength and healing from each other and from the Holy Spirit, that we be animated by joy, wisdom, and compassion. 

Merciful One, spread the canopy of your healing grace, blessing, and peace over those we now name.


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Prayer 751

A group of Franciscans visiting Muir Woods.

Let us bless the Lord, the Maker of Heaven and Earth! 

Holy One, you take sand and water, and turn them into solid rock: make us firm in our faith and love, we pray. You set clouds in the sky to reflect morning's glory and water a thirsty earth: help us be thankful for even the clouds in our lives. You make stands of aspens who share one root system: give us that same awareness of interdependence with each other, we pray. 

Let us never forget, and always be grateful for, the blessing of this earth which supports our ways and our very breath. Let us never forget the light you give us by sun and moon, never leaving us in darkness or without guidance. Let us be more attuned to the sound of a grateful earth praising You than the turbulent grumbling in our own minds. 

We rest within the embrace of your care, O Creator God, and ask your blessing upon those we now name.


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Prayer 750

Most Holy God, bless us as we stretch toward You, seeking You with all our being. 

Help us to learn the ways of holiness and love, that we may be true disciples of your Word. 
Help us to be transformed in heart and soul and mind, and be called into fellowship with one another. 
Help us tear down the walls that separate us from each other and from You: our fears, our anxieties, our desire for control. 

Make us zealous to labor with joy in the fields of the Lord, to prepare the winter fields of our hearts for the spring rain. 
Let us hear the cries of those who thirst for justice, peace, and righteousness, and know that they speak with your voice. 

Blessed Redeemer, give courage to our hesitant feet, and place the warm wind of your love at our backs. Give ear to the cry of those who love You and those who seek You.


Monday, February 9, 2015

Prayer 749

Blessed Savior, we come before you, rejoicing in your love for us. Strengthen our arms to life your Name before all people as a testament to hope and fulfillment. Help us make our lives a living witness to You, Most Blessed God, that all may know they wonders of your love. Give us generous and steadfast hearts, and help us use them for the good of all creation. Consecrate us anew for your service, O Holy One, and fill our hearts with your Spirit of justice and peace. Cradle our souls within your hands, O Lord, and bear up those who call upon you.


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Prayer 748

The dawn stretched across the sky like a canopy as I wrote this morning's prayer.

(inspired by John 7:37-46)
Holy God, we worship you with our hearts, our wills, our entire selves. 

Let us drink deeply of the living water that you give us, O Christ. Let our hearts overflow with that water, that we may be a pure and blameless offering to You and to each other. May we empty ourselves of all anxiety and strife, that we may be filled with your Spirit of Mercy and Grace. 

Help us to truly know You, O Holy One, and answer your call to us with a loud "Amen." Spread your love over us as an awning, as your glory gilds the Eastern skies at dawn. 

Bring us together as one people under the banner of heaven, Most Loving One, and grant your peace to those we now name.


Saturday, February 7, 2015

Prayer 747

Most merciful God, we open our hearts to You at this moment. Give us the hope to hear You as You call us, and give us the fortitude to act in the name of your Love and Wisdom. Give us the will to be fools for Christ, and to turn away from the ways of darkness. 

Let us never seek our own advantage at the expense of someone else, but let us remember that we stand and fall together. Let us work instead to establish justice, O Mighty One, and give love and charity full reign in our hearts. Let us work to feed the hungry: those of us who hunger in body, and those of us who hunger in spirit. Let us open the circle of our hearts to bring all within the boundary of true love and compassion. Let us tread gently upon the earth, and never tread upon each other, for we depend upon one and all. 

Guide the hearts and hands of your people, O Loving One, and look with favor upon those whom we now name.


Friday, February 6, 2015

Prayer 746

Dietrich Bonhoeffer's 109th birthday was this week.

Almighty God, may we open our hearts to hear your word to us today. 

May your Spirit of Love and Healing take root in our hearts and minds today. May we seek to demonstrate our love for each other, even those with whom we disagree. May we walk in path of justice and mercy, grateful for your companionship and guidance, O Holy One. May we extend our hand to those we meet, and greet each other in joy and open-heartedness. May we be healing hands and loving hearts in the world today, and carry the banner of truth and love. 

Loving God, may we seek to be with you today, and may your blessing extend over those we now name.


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Prayer 745

Loving One, You are our strength and our savior, and we praise You from the depths of our souls. 

O God, be our refuge and our shelter, our proof against the chill wind of anxiety and trial. Give a thirst for justice to your people, that we may remember the love we owe You and each other. Set us high upon the rock of compassion; with your right Hand cover us from the blast of cruelty and hardness of heart. Help us to open our hearts to You and your gospel, longing at all times to be guided by your Love. 

Incline your ear to hear us, O Holy One, and look with favor upon those whose needs we bring before You.


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Prayer 744

Blessed Savior, come into our hearts and minds, that we be filled with holiness and strength of spirit to serve You. We praise You for your manifold mercies, O God, for your compassion on us when we wander afield from your care. 

Holy One, let us worship You with our minds, with our hearts, and with our hands this day. Let us turn back from hurting each other, and rejoice in the Holy Light that emanates from each person we meet. Let us set out on the path of justice by loving those around us fully, seeing your beauty in every spirit. Comfort, comfort your people, O God, and send your Spirit to heal our pains and our estrangements. 

Bless the hands of those who heal, and turn the hearts of those who fear or hate. Let the light of your countenance shine upon us, O Creator, and gather within your embrace those we now name.


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Prayer 743

Within the shades of winter, the gold and rose tones of dawn awaken us to see the glory of God, and we turn our hearts to You. Blessed Savior, our hearts lift up a chorus of praise for your steadfast and abiding love for us. 

May our prayers ascend to You just as the morning chorus of birds give thanks to their Creator, with all our being. May we praise You in the arc of the day, remembering your manifold blessings and reveling in the embrace of our Savior. May we remember to praise You even in the chill of the setting sun, making your Love our true Light. 

Abba, Imma, draw us into service to others, that we may embrace each other as You embrace us. Hear the whispered prayers of your beloved people.


Monday, February 2, 2015

Prayer 742

Holy Lord, we thank You for this new day, and seek your wisdom as we move through it. 

Make us willing, O God, to repent our mistakes and learn from them, we pray. Blessed Savior, help us to learn anger and hatred no more, but cultivate peace and charity in our hearts. Help us to learn greed and intolerance no more, but instead cherish all of creation. Help us to learn bitterness and suspicion no more, but instead seek to treat all we meet as we wish to be treated. 

Holy Spirit, move over the stubbled fields of our winter hearts, and sow the seeds of faith, healing and lovingkindness. May we give our allegiance to the reign of your Love, waging justice and equality rather than the sword of war and strife. We ask that your blessing alight upon those we now name.


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Prayer 741

Lord God, we rejoice as we come into your courts, and as our procession passes your gates, we shout hallelujah! We give thanks fr your manifold blessings, of this time of our that is in your hand, as we are drawn before your altars. We give thanks for your manifold mercies, for the grace of your salvation which you freely give in spite of our faults. Holy One, help us to be with You this day, for we know You are with us in our sighs and our joys. Knot us together, unified through your Love, that we be steadfast in obeying your call to us. Drive far from us all that we use to keep us from You and your abundant mercies. Come, Lord Jesus, send your Spirit upon us, that we may live and move and breathe in your love. Place your hand upon all who call upon You.