Monday, July 25, 2016

Prayer 1280

The first full day of Camp Phoenix dawns, and I remembered this sunrise from last year. I will miss it this year!

Almighty God, we thank You for watching us through the storms of the night, and for bringing us in safety to this new day. 

Bless us and keep us, that we may fill our hearts with your love for the tasks that await us as we do your will. You are our strength and our stronghold, O God: may we see your glory throughout creation and rejoice! May we walk gently among each other and upon this beautiful earth, our home. 

Tend to the sick and the weary, Lord Christ, and give us the strength to love them and comfort them in your Name. We pray especially for those commended to us in their need, and ask your blessing upon them.


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Prayer 1279- Tenth Sunday After Pentecost

"Ask, and you shall receive." Window at Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis.

(inspired by Luke 11:1-13)
Almighty God, may your Name be holy throughout the world: we lift our prayers and thanksgvings before You in faith. 

May we seek to honor You with our lives and our words, our hearts dedicated to love. May your kingdom be established on Earth, and the world know we are yours by our love and charity for all. 

Feed us with the bread of hope and the cup of salvation, this day and every day, we pray. 

Forgive us our sins, and, forgiven, may we remember to enact the mercy we receive with those who hurt us. 

From trials too great to endure, Lord God, deliver us and shield us; yet we know You are always with us. 

Holy One, we ask for your Spirit to cover us with her wings: gather within your mercy all those for whom we pray.


Saturday, July 23, 2016

Prayer 1278

Camp Phoenix in the Diocese of Missouri opens tomorrow! Prayers for the campers and staff!

Holy One, we rise before you, grateful for rest and hopeful for peace this day. Breathe on us, Breath of God, and inspire us to new devotion to love and brotherhood, as Christ taught us to live. Let us hold fast to the gospel of peace and justice, and to each other, beloveds of God, one and all. 

Lord, we lift up prayers especially for the healers and workers of justice and shalom, for all who seek to heal the hurting. Gather to you all the hurting and sorrowful, encircling them in your unfailing care and grace. We pray to you especially for all whose needs have been made known to us.


Friday, July 22, 2016

Prayer 1277- for the courage to love

Petitioning Christ for healing; window at Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis.

In humility and awe, we come before our God, who welcomes us and fills us with blessing and calls us to courage. 

Lord Jesus, lead us into wisdom and compassion, renouncing the foolishness and hatred that divides us. 
Make us beacons of peace and justice, renouncing the hopelessness, fear and vengeance that causes us to hurt each other. 
Help us follow in your footsteps of mercy and healing, proclaiming the peace of God and love of Christ in every moment. 

Give us faith in your creation and your image in each other, remembering that you formed us in love to be Spirit-filled people. Gather us to your embrace, O Holy One, and extend the shade of your blessing to those we now name.


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Prayer 1276

In gratitude, we rise up from our beds, giving thanks to You, O God, for all You have done to bless us. 

We thank You for your lovingkindness, new every morning, steadfast through the night as You have cared for us. For the love of the Lord our God never sleeps: God's eye is on the greatest and the least throughout creation. 

Direct us, we pray, to make no war upon anyone, but also make no peace with oppression or injustice anywhere. Let us make common cause with the oppressed, defensesless, and hurting, and work to heal ourselves of division. 

Forgive us our failures to work for mercy and compassion, for judging our brothers and sisters while privileging ourselves. Renew a right spirit within us: guide us by your Spirit to open our hearts rather than close our minds. 

We open our hearts to seek your blessing, Lord Christ, and ask your hand to rest upon the hearts of those we now name.


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Prayer 1275

Jesus washes the apostles' feet

Blessed Savior, bend near to us, in joy and need, that we may rest within the embrace of your mercy. Holy One, may we open the eyes of our hearts to see You clearly, and follow in your ways. 

Whatever is loving, compassionate, and merciful-- may we do these in the name of Christ, who shows us the way of life. Whatever is fear-driven, divisive, or oppressive to others-- may we renounce these in the hope of salvation before God.

May we treat this good as earth as heaven under our feet, filled with awe at the wonders of God. 

May we honor the divine imprint in each other, as all are children of the Most High, and love each other as Christ loves us. 

Lord Jesus, fill us with the power of the Spirit, and accept our prayers as we lay our cares before you.


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Prayer 1274- answering God's call to return

Holy One, we kneel before You, worshipping You, 
and giving You thanks and praise. 
We thank You, O God, 
for your abundant compassion and mercy, 
abiding with us in joy as well as trial. 

Repeatedly, You call us to return 
to the path of peace, compassion, healing, and justice 
you exemplified in Christ our Savior. 
Lord, may we hear, 
and answer You in faithfulness. 
May we be brought back to our faith and to our hearts, 
grounded in your Love which never fails. 

As You have Loved us without fail, O God, 
let us love You and each other with all our hearts. 
Let us drive out all our wrong desires 
and acknowledge our failures 
to love as You would have us love- without fail. 

Let us be hands and hearts of healing, 
working for the repair of the world You made 
and we have abused. 
Remembering our own sins and failures, 
let us have mercy on others, 
as You O God have repeatedly had mercy on us. 
Have mercy, Lord, on all who call upon You, 
and bless and keep those for whom we pray.


Monday, July 18, 2016

Prayer 1273- for the fallen in Baton Rouge

Lord God, the night has passed, and we turn to You in your steadfast lovingkindness and strength. 

Let us move from weeping to action, from sorrow to determination, to fight the evil that enslaves us. Help us to put our trust not in things, but in You, O Holy One, and in each other, who reflect your image into the world. Open our hearts to peace and justice, that we may reject the sins of pride and hatred that rend us apart. 

Even now Christ's love seeks a home within our hearts; let us renounce all that separates us from welcoming the love of God. Let us honor the fallen by sowing peace and compassion within our communities, remembering that we are one. Give us faith that we may act for good, empowered by the gospel that teaches us to always act in hope and courage. 

Be with us, who have watched and waited and mourned throughout the night, we pray. Purify our hearts, O God, and bless and keep those for whom we pray.


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Prayer 1272- Ninth Sunday after Pentecost

Most Merciful God, You have brought us to this new day: let us worship You in thanksgiving and in holiness. 
Let us offer all that we have and all that we are to You, Lord, to be consecrated to your service and love. 
For the sake of your Son, Jesus Christ, redeem our rebellious hearts: help us to turn away from sin and division. 
Let us remember your love even in times of trial, and bear it into the world rejoicing. 
By power of the Holy Spirit, help us heal the wounds that plague our souls and our communities. 
Rest your hand upon us and bless us, we pray, and press the kiss of thy blessing upon those we now name.


Saturday, July 16, 2016

Prayer 1271- for repentance and renewal in violent times

Cross scultpure, Osage Monastery Forest of Peace, Sand Springs, Okahoma

Holy One, arise and shine in our hearts and minds, that we may with joy give you thanks, and be animated by your love alone. 

Forgive us our manifold sins and failures to love, for the times we have put our own wants before others' needs. 
Drive far from us all hardness of heart, and awaken in us the compassion of Christ, Our Lord and Teacher. 
Guide us to gentle our words and deeds, that we exemplify and embody the way of Christ, bearing light into the darkness. 

Encompass within your mighty embrace those who weep, worry, mourn, or suffer, and grant them your peace and protection. Spirit of Peace and Healing, rest upon us and make us thy own, and comfort those for whom we now pray.


Friday, July 15, 2016

Prayer 1270- for the victims of the attack in Nice

Holy One, make our hearts your dwelling place; fill us with the power of your Holy Spirit as we seek your will. 

Accept our prayers of gratitude for all our blessings, for You are the Source of Life and Light. 
Forgive us our sins and aggressions against your peace, O Merciful One, for we are quick to stray from your goodness. 
Transform our hearts and minds that we seek to love each other as Christ loves us. 
Bend near to those whose hearts cry out to You, O Lord, especially those who have lost loved ones to senseless violence. 

Lord Jesus, you modelled for us the way we are called to live: may we be converted to follow and rejoice. Blessed Savior, hear the call of your lost sheep, and bless us through your abounding mercy as we pray.


Thursday, July 14, 2016

Prayer 1269: Inspired by Micah 6:8

Wildflower, Telluride, Colorado

Based on Micah 6:8 

Lord God, Who Creates, Saves, and Empowers All, hear our prayers and praises as we bow the knee of our hearts before You. Guide our footsteps in the way of peace, that we may know and walk in the way of Christ. 

Let us transform our hardness of heart into doing justice, which is compassion and respect caught fire. 
Let us love mercy, remembering our own manifold sins and faults, and thy grace which we receive through abounding love. 
Let us walk humbly before You and each other and upon this fragile Earth You made, O God, for love of Christ. 

Let us proclaim in our actions as well as our words the wonders that God has done in our lives, mercies without end. 
Let us renounce enmity, hatred, envy, resentment, and turn instead to building up the kingdom of heaven as your servants. 

Holy One, you know our hearts even before we turn to You: even in our unworthiness be with us now, Lord Christ, and with those whom we love.


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Prayer 1268: inspired by Matthew 25:31-46

Jesus, our Brother and Teacher, let us remember that you are always in our midst, and welcome you into our hearts and our lives. 

May we see Christ in each hungry person, man, woman, or child, and feed them as Jesus fed the multitudes. 
May we love Christ in each person who thirsts, and give them something to drink, as Jesus is the wellspring of life. 
May we welcome Christ in each person who is a stranger to us, as Jesus welcomes the outcast and lost. 
May we know Christ in each naked person, and clothe and honor them, as Jesus clothes us in wisdom and compassion. 
May we adore Christ in each person who is ill, and tenderly care for them, as Jesus heals us through everlasting love. 
May we be with Christ in each person who is imprisoned, and be with them, as Jesus forgives and bears all our own brokenness. 

Holy One, you call us to the path of life modelled by your great love and tenderness: grant us the grace to do your will. Help us to tear down our barriers and open our hearts to Love Incarnate that seeks to live within us. Stretch out your hand of blessing and peace upon all who turn to You, O Savior, especially those we now name.


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Prayer, day 1267: for reconciliation

Icon of the Risen Christ, written by Evan Smith, St. Paul's, Carondelet

O Lord, You are our strength and our shield: have mercy upon us and guide us into wisdom. Let your Word revive our spirits, and may our hope be fed by your never-failing care. 

Protect us, O Rock, from the slings and arrows of those who do not understand us, and let us always root our actions in love. Teach us compassion and diligence in inscribing your commandments upon our hearts. 

Comfort us when we mourn for what we have left behind, and be healed of the pain in our pasts. Help us be present in each moment as a gift from You, remembering that faith is grounded in hope. 

Shine the light of your countenance upon us, O Loving One, and hear our prayers that we raise to You.



Monday, July 11, 2016

Prayer 1266

Detail from a table at St. Augustine's Chapel, Vanderbilt University

Most Merciful God, we thank You for your care of us as we have rested: gather us within your hand and guide us, we pray. 

For our hardness of heart against You and each other, we humbly ask your forgiveness and mercy. 

Let us sing a new song, a song of peace, whose melody is rooted in the music our Savior taught us in all his ways. 
Let us shine forth with the glory of our God, proclaiming grace through our lives, O Incarnation of Love Divine. 
Let us put healing hands and hearts toward the divisions that hurt us, and vow to live and work for the cause of love. 

Fill us with the power and beauty of the Holy Spirit, O Creator God, and shelter and bless those for whom we pray.