Thursday, October 30, 2014

Prayer 647

All-merciful God, we kneel before You, blessing You ad praising You for your goodness. We come before You as little children, knowing that we are home in your embrace. You have blessed us and redeemed us, welcoming us and accepting us in all our flaws, fears, and foolishness. You sent your Son to show us that we are all beloved, and to call us to be disciples. Send your Spirit to inspire us to work with to heal our hearts and our relationships. Send us to attend the sick, the suffering, and the sorrowing; send us to proclaim your goodness and blessing into the world. Look with favor, O Loving One, upon those for whom we pray, and lift up their needs before You.


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Prayer 646

O Holy One, blessed be your Name: You are our light and salvation, abiding with us in sunshine or in shadow. It is You, O God, who holds us fast in the palm of your hand. It is You, O Loving One, whose angels sit with us when we are awakened by troubles in the night. You have whispered your comfort in our ear and soothed our brow in sleep: you have gentled us and given us peace. Your love sustains us as we turn our face to the dawning of the day, and calls us back when we wander into the brambles. May we seek You as our companion and guide in our journeys this day, O Most High. Give ear, O merciful God, as we confide in You our needs and concerns, drawing those in need into your embrace.


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Prayer 643

The Lord our God is gracious and generous: let us go into the courts of the holy to lift our voices in praise! The Word of God moves among us like the wind, and God's Spirit comes to dwell within us! Let us make common cause with those around us, for we are all God's beloved children. With our arms and hearts wide open, let us embrace our brothers and sisters, and give thanks for our common bond of humanity. Let us join hands in fellowship, united by the call to love God and love each other with all that we have. Let us still our hearts and minds to hear the approach of the Spirit, and to center ourselves in the peace and love of Christ. Let us raise up our blessings and our concerns, and offer these prayers at the foot of the altar.


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Prayer 642- In praise of autumn

An Autumn fern.
O God, we thank You for being our companion through the seasons of life, and we praise and bless You forever! You are our hope, which buds within our hearts like a sapling tree. You are the green joy that springs up from the soil of our hearts and takes root, blessing us and holding us fast. You are the lustrous light of faithfulness: you call us to turn to You as flowers crane their necks to the sun. You are the song of praise that sings from the symphony of color of autumn forests and fields. You are our warming fire, that sets our embered souls ablaze through the breath of your Spirit. Open our eyes to see your glory, O Creator, and open our hearts to nurture your Word and Truth. Hear the prayers that tumble from our hearts like fallen leaves, and gather in your arms those we now name.


Friday, October 24, 2014

Prayer 641

O God, You have taken us up and upheld us in your embrace: let us sing out our thanksgiving for your mercy. You are our God and our refuge, and we are glad to sing praises to your name. Give us strength to persevere and patience with those who challenge us, O Holy One. Mold us and shape us, we pray, that we may be vessels of light and truth that draw all people before your banner. May we remember that the eyes of the world are upon those who claim the name of Christ. May we act with compassion, honor, and steadfast love for all, that our lives be testimony to your glory. Rest your hand of blessing upon those who call upon You.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Prayer 640

Holy One, may we breathe you in today. Abide in our hearts and minds, Loving One, that we may be One with You and not wander afield. You are our compass and North Star: may we turn our eyes to You and be led into the heart of Christ. 

May we be centered within your healing, strengthening embrace. May your Spirit refresh us and renew us that we may offer everything we are to You, O Lord. You are our portion and our cup, You are the ground of our Being. May all we do be done in your name, and may all we do sing out your wondrous love in a world too often bereft of mercy and charity. 

Hear us as we pray your blessing upon those we now name.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Prayer 637

O God, you are our shield and our defense against the chances and changes in life. We put all our trust in You, O Love Divine, for you are our surety and our shepherd who calls us each by name and loves us. Forgive us for our stiff-necked pride and insecurities that have led us into fear and willfulness. Make us slow to anger and quick to forgive, and help us be more compassionate and gentle. Bring us to a deeper awareness of your wisdom and truth. Guide us to be more holy and reverent in all our actions. Help us to join hands with those with whom we have quarreled, that we may seek mutual understanding and amity. O Merciful One, hear the pleas and petitions of those who call upon You, O God of Our Salvation.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Prayer 636

We rise from our sleep to worship before God's altar; let the people shout a great "Amen!" Bring us with joy into your sanctuary, O Holy One, that our hearts and minds may be consecrated to your glory! Make us champions of the oppressed, drawn together by our kinship and love for each other in Christ Jesus. Drive far from us all hardness of heart, all jealousy and hatred, that we may be one as You are One, O Trinity. Bring peace and comfort to all who suffer, especially when their suffering comes at the hands of violence. Help us to slay the dragon of prejudice, and drive away the wolves of mistrust and suspicion. Soothe those who are in pain or anxiety, O Loving One, and give them respite from their turmoil. Hear the prayers of your people O God, and grant your peace to those we now name.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Prayer 635

O God, the mountains and hills and all that grow upon the earth glorify you; all creation sings your praises. Let your Name be glorified by all people, and your saving power proclaimed to the ends of the Earth. We thank you for bending near to hear our prayers and for giving us the strength we need as we seek to live and love in You. We lift up those who suffer lack of food, of home, of safety. We ask that you comfort, heal, and restore these, your children.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Prayer 634

Rabbi Malachi prays.

O God, we praise You and we bless You, for You draw us under your wings and into your embrace. Lord, open our hearts to your counsel, and our minds to your truth, that we may turn from our distractions and focus on wisdom. In all things that we do today, let us do them not in self-righteousness, but in generosity and love. Root us in compassion, that we may testify to the power of your love to bring regeneration and reconciliation. Let the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts seek to unite rather than divide. Accept our hearts and our prayers, and hear the supplications of the humble and seeking who turn to You.