Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Prayer 554- for Camp Phoenix

Morning Prayer at Camp Phoenix this morning.

Blessed, Merciful Creator: come into our spirits this day that we may love and serve You and each other with open hearts. Bring us into the light of your Word and your truth. Give us joy in fellowship with each other, unified as your people in thought, word, and deed. Let us see the beauty in each person we meet, and be grateful for the chance to live and learn together. Let us drink in the glory of your creation, a reminder always of your goodness and majesty. May we keep in our hearts the needs and concerns of your people, and raise them before You in your mercy.


Monday, July 28, 2014

Prayer 553

The boys at Camp Phoenix arrive at camp and head to their cabins.

Dear God, the glory of the morning calls us to a new journey with You today: Alleluia! 

Bless the path that our feet will follow, that it may always lead us to deeper knowledge of You. Consecrate the thoughts of our hearts, that they may be centered upon You today. Bless the works of our hands, that they may raise up testimonies of your goodness and mercy. Sanctify the words of our mouths that they may build up joy and community in your Holy Name. 

Place your healing hand upon those who suffer anxiety in body, mind, or spirit, and comfort especially those we now name.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Prayer 552

Window from the Chapel at Holy Communion, University City

Let us rejoice to approach the altar of the Most High, whose glory enfolds us and gives us strength! Almighty God, we turn to you in sunshine or rain, in the depths of night and in the noonday sun. May we pray with humility and serve each other in honesty and steadfast love. Make us yeast for the world, fed by the feast of your Word and the bread of life You give us abundantly. Call us into your community, and let us embrace each other in peace and justice. Scatter your blessings upon your people, that they may be planted in our hearts. Send your angels to watch over those we now name.


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Prayer 551- For reconciliation

Child and statue, Left Bank, Paris.

For reconciliation and acceptance
O Lord, You are our strength and our shield: have mercy upon us and guide us into wisdom. Let your Word revive our spirits, and may our hope be fed by your never-failing care. 

Protect us, O Rock, from the slings and arrows of those who do not understand us, and let us always root our actions in love. Teach us compassion and diligence in inscribing your commandments upon our hearts. 

Comfort us when we mourn for what we have left behind, and be healed of the pain in our pasts. Help us be present in each moment as a gift from You, remembering that faith is grounded in hope. 

Shine the light of your countenance upon us, O Loving One, and hear our prayers that we raise to You.


Friday, July 25, 2014

Prayer 550

Calla Lily blooming outside the Mission San Carlos Borroméo del río Carmelo, Carmel-by-the-Sea, California.

O God, You have given us our breath: it is right that we use it to sing and glorify your ever-present Love. May our thankfulness to You resound with each beat of our hearts. 

You are the center of our being: may we make our hearts a fit dwelling place for your Spirit. You have called us to truly love one another: may we shrug off the coils of envy and resentment that choke us. May we unlearn all that anger has taught us, that hope and generosity may take root in our souls. 

May your peace calm all our fears, as rain is soaked up by a dry and thirsty land. May we turn our eyes from the mountains and valleys in our path to the glorious light of your mercy and truth. O Shepherd, protect us from the wolves that prowl among us: may we hear, know, and trust your promises. 

Now, O Eternal One, accept the prayers of your people, for each need which has been offered in love.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Prayer 549

Window from the chapel at Holy Communion, University City.

Loving One, give us courage. Give us courage to strike out on the unmarked trail of this day, and welcome the gifts it holds out in promise. 

Give us the courage to admit our wrongs and seek reconciliation with those we have hurt. Give us courage to respond to strife and tumult with love and tranquility. 

Give us the courage to welcome the stranger among us as You have commanded, without worry or fear. Give us courage to let go of our fears and allow our wounds to heal rather than cling to them. 

Merciful One, give courage to all who seek your aid, that they may rest in assurance of your love.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Prayer 548

Stacked Stones. Osage Forest of Peace, Sand Springs, OK.

Almighty, Merciful, Beneficent One: we bow before You in prayer. We thank You and bless your holy Name, which hearts sing out when tongues cannot. You are our God: bless us and mold us, and hear our prayers. 

Loving One, help us to never be a stumbling block for our neighbors, but give us generous, loving hearts for all. Make us gentle, grateful stewards of your creation, that we may love it and care for it as we do our own body. Purify our hearts and minds, that we may serve You night and day with alleluias on our hearts and minds. 

Remembering our faults, may we be filled with mercy and compassion for all we meet, who are made in your image. Now, in your goodness and grace, send your healing, comforting Spirit, we pray, upon these who call upon You.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Prayer 547- for peace

Chapel window, Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion, University City, MO.

We sit in silence in the presence of our God, who was, and is, and ever shall be our Shepherd. Bring us joyfully to pull together in the yoke of love, for enmity is too great a burden to bear. 

Banish from us all malice and thirst for vengeance, for we remember our wanderings from your path and are heartily sorry. Let us hold fast to peace with a lover's devotion, and seek justice from the hills of your mercy. 

May our lives vibrate to the melody of your word. Place us upon the heights of truth, that we may discern your path within our lives. Kindle within our hearts the flame of zeal for your ways, that they be ours always. 

May our prayers and petitions rise like the morning sun, and may your peace rest upon those we name.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Prayer 546

Chapel window, Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion, University City, MO

Glory and honor be ever given to our God, whose abundant love is our refuge and shield! 

Let us seek to make peace where there is war in our hearts. Let us do no wrong to our neighbor, and let us honor our God with every breath. Let us extend the hand of brotherhood to friend and foe alike, remembering your call to love one another. 

Creator God, may we show forth our thanksgiving for your grace, and lift up our hearts to hear your Law. Lord, we lift up those who call upon You, who ask for strength for the trials or uncertainties they face.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Prayer 545

Chapel window, Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion, University City, MO

Let us come before the Lord and give thanks for God's manifold mercies, singing out our praise. We thank You for being with us throughout the night and sending your angels to shield us. Guide us to your sanctuary that we may be purified and consecrated to your service. Drive far from us all hardness of heart, and help us to seek the pardon of any we have wronged. Make us joyful witnesses of your saving grace, and loving hands to do your work in the world. Grant your blessing over those who are in danger, need, or trouble, especially those we now name.