Thursday, December 18, 2014

Prayer 696

O God, awaken your people to the dawn of a new day, and accept their offered praises and petitions. 

May justice and peace kiss each other, and may we embody their wisdom in our hearts. May we act with mercy and gentleness, remembering how often You, O Lord, have reached out to us when we've strayed. May we dedicate ourselves to building a table of brotherhood where we find division. Let us commit ourselves to acting in love and caritas where we find enmity and bitterness. 

O Holy One, make us worthy servants in your household, and give us healing hands to do your work. Bless us and keep us as the apple of your eye, and send your blessing over those whose cares we bring before You.


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Prayer 695

O God, we cast our cares before you and kneel before you in silence. For a moment, let us just abide with You and draw strength from You. We thank You for true friends, and for loving hearts that give us support. We praise You for this new day that gives us the chance to worship You in thought, word, and deed. We rest within Your embrace, O Holy One, like a child seeks her mother. We ask your aid for these beloved children of God for whom we pray.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Prayer 694

Holy God, You encircle us with your love and mercy: hear the prayers of your people that we offer to You today. 

Blessed Savior, we pray that we cling to your ways and wisdom more tightly, listening for your call to us in each moment. 

We pray that those unquiet in spirit be gentled, and that empathy and compassion for themselves and others bloom in their hearts. 

We pray that all who are hurting- from sorrow, from contempt, from pain- be soothed in your loving embrace, and know your blessing. 

We pray that all who seek a deeper knowledge of You may be led to the living water of your peace and wisdom. 

We pray that we heal the divisions that tear apart our communities and our hearts. 

Holy One, call down your angels upon us, and send a Spirit of Peace to those we now name.


Monday, December 15, 2014

Prayer 693- Cultivate Peace

We kneel before You, O Holy One, in gratitude for your protection and love. O God, You not only shelter us from the storm, but give us strength to confront the winds that swirl about us. May all our ways be blameless before You, and may we seek to repent of our folly. 

May the balm of your love pour down like oil from the crown of our heads: may we be anointed to your service today. May your wisdom take up a home in our souls, and may your compassion fill our hearts to overflowing. May we treasure those that love us, and never cast aside those who are kind to us. May we hold fast to your promise of mercy, and encompass the cares of others within our own hearts. 

We place our prayers within your hands, O Savior: breathe your Spirit of Peace upon those we place before You.


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Prayer 692- Our spirits rejoice in God

(Inspired by the Song of Mary)
Holy One, shine the light of your countenance upon us, and lift us up in righteousness and strength. Let our spirits rejoice in God, our souls proclaim God's goodness and favor: for indeed, we have been blessed! There is no Rock like our God: Christ is our sure foundation, the cornerstone of our lives. You have shown the strength of your protection over us: You alone are God our Savior. Extend your favor upon the lowly and humble in heart, O God: let us boast only of your love and faithfulness. Fill those who seek You, soothe the suffering, comfort the afflicted, O Holy One: You are our strength and our succor. Gather our prayers to You, O Lover of Souls, and tend to those who call upon You.


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Prayer 691

Each day is a precious gift, O God: Let our praise rise to You, as hope lifts the hearts of your people. Here in Your embrace we have rested, O Loving One. Now we go out to the harvest fields we are blessed to tend, knit together in holy love. Let the roots of hope grow deep. Let compassion overflow into the spaces where hearts are hollow. Let us be drawn into the embrace of the One who knows all our needs. Let those who are troubled be restored and renewed, filled with the strength of God's grace. Here we offer our prayers to You, O God.


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Prayer 689- for repentance and reconciliation

Holy God, we thank You for guarding us through the night: we come before You in humility and repentance. Forgive us for straying from your pastures into the wilderness of our own making, and then wondering where You are. Too often You have called to us, but we have stopped our ears and stubbornly continued on. Too often have we derided the sins of our neighbors, yet continued in our own pettiness and disregard. Too often have we turned away from those seeking help, yet forgotten our own answered prayers in times of need. Too often we have asked for forgiveness, yet been unwilling, ourselves, to forgive.

Holy One, move us from tolerance to acceptance to affirmation to celebration of those who are different from us. Help us turn again to your never-failing embrace, O Lord, and help us to embrace others, even those who oppose us. Let us remember that God's compassion never fails; let us remember your unmerited grace in our lives. Let us be inspired by your Spirit to newness of life as the year draws to an end, and choose this moment to begin anew. Now, we pray, send your angels to guard and guide those who seek You, and bend near those who need You
, especially those we now name.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Prayer 688- for wisdom and righteousness

Loving God, You know our inmost thoughts: consecrate our hearts for your service today. May all our words be straight and true; may they tell of the wonders of our God. May we seek wisdom and truth with our whole heart; may we walk in our Savior's healing ways. May all our journeys be in paths of peace; may we sow compassion like seed in a spring field. May we not only study your truth but live in discipleship with each other all the days of our lives. May our tongues and spirits give you honor and worship, and our lives be a testimony to your mercy and grace. Holy One, watch over all whose hope is in their cry to You, and place those in need in the hollow of your hand.


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Prayer 687- on having trust

Lord Christ, may we always remember You are with us, and make our hearts your home.
May we remember that You, our God, are our shield in times of fear and anxiety, and lay our fears before You.
May we remember that You, our God, are our portion and our cup, and rest within the shelter of your arms.
May we remember that You, our God, are the source of our Being, and give a shout of joy that we are your beloved children.
May we remember that You, our God, are our shepherd and Savior, who knows us from our birth and calls us by name.
Holy One, gather all who call upon You under the tent of your blessing, and send your Spirit to descend upon them.


Monday, December 8, 2014

Prayer 686

Holy One, we draw near You with the rising sun, offering up our selves before You. 
Mist rises from the lake during morning prayer at Camp Phoenix, July, 2014.

May we tell out God's truth from the depths of our souls, and may we testify to God's great loving-kindness. May we embody peace, a peace established upon the foundation of empathy, righteousness, justice, and mercy. May we listen to God's call within our hearts, and walk the pilgrim path of discipleship, rejoicing and being filled with hope. 

May we seek reconciliation, and root ourselves in humility and love for our God and for our neighbor. 

May your peace and anointing descend upon those whose prayer rises to you as the morning mist.