Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Prayer 449: Tuesday of Holy Week

(2 Cor. 1:21-22)
Almighty, Life-Giving God, put your seal upon us this day. Put your seal upon our mouths, that we may speak what is true and right and good. Put your seal upon our hearts, that we may serve you in body and in spirit. Put your seal upon our communities, that we may work together for the common good. Let us give our "yes" to serve this day the One in whom all that God promises are answered. Let us receive the Spirit of love and truth, to empower us to serve. Trusting in your tender compassion and lovingkindness, O Merciful One, we lay these cares before You.


Monday, April 14, 2014

Prayer 448: Monday of Holy Week

O Merciful God, we rise and make our prayers to you with gratitude: look with favor upon us this day. Have compassion upon us, O God, for all our offenses, known and unknown: we humbly confess our sin, and rededicate ourselves to your service. Empty us of our pride: guide us from foolishness into wisdom, and from willfulness into obedience. You know the truth deep within us, and love us unceasingly: renew a right spirit within us. Teach us to love you, and each other joyfully, with steadfast hearts and gentle spirits: we owe you our all. 

Abide with us, Lord Christ, and lead us from death into life, from shadows into salvation. Place your cooling touch on the fevered brows of those who are in pain, anxiety, or distress, O Loving One, especially those we now name.


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Prayer 447: Palm Sunday

(Inspired by Isaiah 50:4-9)
O Lord God, we thank You for anointing us to do your will today, and awakening us to your Love. Awaken our ear to listen for your truth over the babble of foolishness, and to receive your wisdom as true disciples. Awaken our tongues, that we may teach and sustain those who are weary with your word of love and faithfulness. You are our help, Lord God Almighty, who uplifts those who serve You and strengthens us with the Bread of Life. Place those we name within the palm of your hand, and uplift them to strength and wholeness.


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Prayer 446

Lord Jesus, whose arms are eternally stretched wide to embrace us, be with us this day, and teach us. Teach us to embrace your call to repentance and renewal, that we may be brought before You as little children. Teach us to embrace this day and its beauty, rather than worrying about tomorrow. Teach us to embrace the poor and the outcast, for we are poor and outcast too. Teach us to embrace love, regardless of the cost. Teach us to embrace obedience, to empty ourselves so that You may fill us completely. Teach us to embrace those who do not understand us or reject us, and to love them wholeheartedly anyway. Precious Savior, place your hand of blessing over those we now name, drawing them to You in your mercy.


Friday, April 11, 2014

Prayer 445: Forgiveness


O Lord, be with us and strengthen us for this coming day, and hold us in the hollow of your hand. We humbly seek your pardon for our offenses, for our anger and our weakness, for our lack of trust in You and in others. Help us be loving and gentle to those who try our patience, and kind to those who are unkind to us. We thank You for preserving us through our trials, for shielding us and healing us, for loving us as your children. Hear our prayers, O God, and send your Spirit to be with those in need

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Prayer 444

Almighty One, look with compassion upon the whole human family whom You have made in your image. Help us to see the chance to serve you in the face of each person we meet. Help us overcome the arrogance and selfishness that lurks in our hearts. Help us to be mindful of the needs and concerns of others. And spread your wings of Love and respite over these for whom we pray this day, especially those for whom we now pray.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Prayer 443

Merciful God, we thank You for watching over us through the depths of the night. May we join in the song of creation as the dawn arises, drawing us into worship of You. May we support and uphold each other this day, and cultivate blessing within our hearts. May we rejoice in harmony with the birds of the air, and lift up our hearts to You, O Source of Life. May we place our wills at your command, that our work may be our prayer to You. Refresh the souls of the weary, Lord Christ, and give your peace to those we now name.


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

On Salvation

"So the question, does God heal? can only be asked alongside the question, does God save? And these are the answers. Does God HEAL me? Sometimes. Does God SAVE me? Always. Always. Always."

-- Samuel Wells, Be Not Afraid: Facing Fear Through Faith

Prayer 442- On the cross

Lord Jesus, you were ever a man for others: may we walk beside You, keeping our feet upon your path of love poured out for humanity. 

Although blameless, You walked the Way of Sorrow: may we remember you are with us in our sorrow and pain. May we nail to the cross all our pride, enmity, and vengefulness: forgive us, Lord, forgive, for all like sheep we go astray. 

You stretched out your arms on the wood of the cross: may we open wide our arms before the world, without fear. You offered your heart even to those who mocked you: may we forgive all who have scorned us or hurt us. 

Lord Jesus, You enfold us and embrace us always: hear the prayers of your people that we lay before You.


Monday, April 7, 2014

Prayer 441: For work and discipleship

Almighty God, we ask that you bless our endeavors today. Give us Martha hands and Mary hearts, seeking to serve you and be guided by your Word and Wisdom. Unite within us knowledge and action, or we know that work without learning and learning without work gain nothing. Let us proclaim your glory in words and actions this day: make us your hands in the world. Extend your sheltering love over those for whom we pray this day.