Friday, September 12, 2014

Prayer 599

Lord, we thank You for your watching over us through the night: let us place ourselves in your hands this day. 

May our actions be witness to your unfailing love and mercy, O God of Grace. Help us to be thankful for those whose love uplifts us and bring us closer to You, the Source of All Love. 

Let us never be detached in the face of sadness or suffering, O Redeemer, but honor one another's beauty and humanity. Mindful of our faults, make us humble and compassionate in our reactions: let our hearts be clay in your hands. Let us be generous in love and slow to anger, seeking reconciliation from those we have hurt. 

May we treat each other as beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, who calls us to unity in love and faithfulness. Grateful in our fellowship with You and with all creation, we ask your blessing upon our brothers and sisters.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Prayer 598- On September 11

"Poppy Field" by Claude Monet. Poppies have been used to memorialize the loss of life in battle; their crimson color reminds us of the price paid in war. From the Musee d'Orsay, Paris.

God, You show us through the glorious Trinity the way of mutual love that leads to action: hear our prayers, we pray.
That we may place no bonds upon each other but the bonds of love, equality, and peace, we pray You, O God.
That we may be knit together in a common cause to nourish all who hunger in body, mind, or soul, we pray You, O God.
That we may use our might for mercy and justice, rather than vengeance and violence, we pray You, O God.
That we may be faithful and compassionate stewards of your wondrous creation, we pray You, O God.
That we remember those we have lost through violence and terror, and honor their lives by sowing peace and concord, we pray You, O God.
Ground of our Being, Creator, Comforter, hear the prayers of your people, and extend your peace over those we now name.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Daily prayer, day 597

On the ceiling of the entryway into the Press building, Eden seminary.

Creator God, we come before You in awe for the works of Your Hands which sustain us in each moment and breath. You set the stars in their courses- help us follow the paths of peace and justice this day. You clothe the lilies of the field in beauty-- help us to put on the raiment of righteousness and walk humbly with our companions. Your eye is on the sparrow- watch over those who are in need, sorrow, or pain, especially these we now name.


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Daily prayer, day 596- In thanksgiving for a birthday

The edifice of the Press Building, Eden Seminary.

(Inspired by the Jubilate)
You are the source of all goodness, O God, and our shelter in times of trial.
The lands ring out their joy to God, whose mercy never fails.
God calls each one by name, and we answer our shepherd's call.
We know You have made us and are with us, O Loving One, and we sing your praise.
Your gates open before us; let us enter with thanksgiving, sure in your reception and protection of us.
We call upon You and You answer us, for your faithfulness endures from age to age.
Strengthen and vouchsafe those who call upon You, especially these for whom we pray

Monday, September 8, 2014

Prayer 595

Each day is a precious gift, O God: Let our praise rise to You, as hope lifts the hearts of your people. Here in Your embrace we have rested, O Loving One. Now we go out to the harvest fields we are blessed to tend, knit together in holy love. Let the roots of hope grow deep. Let compassion overflow into the spaces where hearts are hollow. Let us be drawn into the embrace of the One who knows all our needs. Let those who are troubled be restored and renewed, filled with the strength of God's grace. Here we offer our prayers to You, O God.


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Daily prayer, day 594- for worship

Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite National Park, taken from the lookout point after the tunnel across the valley.

You are our song, O God; you make our hearts glad as we enter your sanctuary. Make us a holy people, consecrated and dedicated and determined to glorify your Name. Breathe on us, O Breath of God: fill us with your Spirit, and propel us into those places which most need the light of Christ. In your great mercy forgive us all our offenses, against both You and our brothers and sisters. May we open our hearts so that Christ may reign in them always. Rest your hand upon all those whom we now name.


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Prayer 593

Almighty God, our spirits dance before you like flames of light: make us blaze anew with your lovingkindness.
Banish from us the darkness of intolerance, hatred and misunderstanding. Lord, your kindnesses to us outnumber the stars that guide us on our way and whisper your love.
Cradle us within your embrace, O Loving Mother, and make of us newborn hearts, open as the sky to your mysteries. Bend over us, O Holy Father, and hear our sighs and whispered prayers.


Friday, September 5, 2014

Prayer of Praise- Day 592

Glory to You, Loving One, glory to You: we rise to sing your praise.
All things come into being at your Word: let all I do and all I am be inspired by You.
You have molded all creation to work in harmony: let our love and obedience be a witness in the world.
You abide with us in faithfulness even when we falter: may we seek you always in our need.
You hold all our times in your hand: be with those who laugh and those who weep.
May your Spirit rest upon those whose needs are known to You alone, and those whom we now name.


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Prayer 591

Detail from a window at Trinity Tulsa.

O God, we rise from our beds with your seal upon our hearts: accept our offered prayers. 

Sometimes we fear we are sinking: if we are going to sink, let us sink into your embrace, O Holy One. Sometimes we fear we are lost: if we are going to get lost, let us get lost in the beauty of Your creation. Sometimes, we are doubtful: If we are going to doubt, let it draw us closer to faith. 

Lord Christ, you know the struggles we encounter: move into the chambers in our hearts and fill them with grace. Be our companion and comfort, O Spirit, in the chances and changes that confront us. 

Mindful of all blessings, and in unity with each other in good times and bad, we lift our prayers before You, O Almighty.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Prayer 590- Serenity

Strawflowers on the grounds of Eden herald autumn and provide work for many skipper butterflies.

Breathe your Spirit upon us, O Holy One.
Let us hear the symphony of our pulse and know the miracle of your grace.
Let us empty our hearts of all resentment so that they may fill with gratitude.
Let us sit at your feet and be grateful for each breath.
Let us breathe in your wisdom, and breathe out your love.
Let us be still and know that You are our God.
Let us be one in spirit with You, O God, and with those for whom we pray