Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Prayer 737

Lord God, we praise You, lifting our voices to the heavens, to the blue sky that smiles down upon us, blessed by your creation. 

We thank You for watching over us during our rest, and for walking beside us through this day. We thank You for the love of those in our lives, and for the opportunity to praise You. Help us to shine forth with your love, that our joy in being your children fills us with compassion and peace. 

Holy One, watch over those today who are ill; guide the hands and the hearts of doctors, nurses, and caregivers. Send your angels to watch over those who are recovering from pain or suffering.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Prayer 736

O God, make speed to save us, O Christ make haste to help us. From my rising from my bed to my laying down to rest, make my life a prayer to You today, O Holy One. 

Where there is disagreement, bitterness, or strife, let us see You, O Reconciler. Where there are the lost, the ones who have estranged themselves from those who love them, let us see You, O Merciful One. Where there is love, amity, and compassion, let us see You, O God of Peace. Where there is pain, sorrow, or suffering, let us see You, O Healer. 

O God, You are always in the midst of us, in our joys and our trials: open our hearts to receive your blessing.


Monday, January 26, 2015

Prayer 735

Most Merciful God, You have called us to be your daughters and your sons, illumined by the light of Heaven: hear our prayer. 

Help us to pray through our brother Christ, to be reconciled to You and to each other, for that is the greatest prayer of all. 

Let all we do today be a prayer and a praise to You, for You are our true home, our Lover and our Creator. 

Holy One, unite our hearts in hope, and through your grace bring them as one before your altars, offered to you as our humble gift. 

Burnish our souls with your grace and compassion, and mend them where they have been battered, O Great Physician. 

Gather us up within a cloud of your blessing, and grant your peace especially to those whom we now name.


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Prayer 734

For Annual Meetings
Most Merciful God, watch over your people today, and uplift them in your service. From the shadow of your wings, we will rejoice, O Loving One, and dwell within your embrace forever! 

You are our Savior: save us from hardness of heart and from our stubborn clinging to all that separates us from each other. You are our Preserver: give us the strength not just to tread water but to strike out into the seas of life. You are our Shepherd: guide us into paths of wisdom as your people gather to discern your will. You are our God: dwell in our hearts, and send us out into the world to serve You and those who do not know You. 

Today, where there is wisdom, where this is charity, where there is service, let us praise it and help it to flourish. Help us to examine our priorities, and place them squarely upon building your kingdom for the life of the world. Hear the prayers that we raise up to You today, O Holy One, and draw close to You those for whom we pray.


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Prayer 733

Lord Christ, give us a song of praise to enshrine in our hearts, and let us draw close to You in all our ways. In humble prayer we ask your forgiveness for all the wrongs we have done, and ask You to set us again upon the path of hope. 

Help us to treasure and celebrate the worth of every person, despite their and our own flaws, as You love us, O Creator. Bind up the hearts of those who mourn, and dry the tear of those who weep, O Healer. 

Pour your blessing like a balm over the heads of those who seek your help, O Sustainer. May the Spirit of Healing move over the turbulent waters of our lives as the Spirit moved over the deep at the dawn of time.


Friday, January 23, 2015

Prayer 732

Creator God, come shine your light through us, that we may be enlightened and strengthened in our path through this day. Drive far from us all hardness of heart, and guide us to seek reconciliation and amity. 

Come, Lord, place your hand of peace upon those who are in strained relationships, or are alienated from those who love them. 

Come, Jesus, place your hand of power among us, that we may work in fellowship with the oppressed. 

Come, Holy Spirit, and place your hand of healing upon all who are needful, in mind, body, or spirit.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Prayer 731- for peace

Most Holy God, we long for your peace; be with us, we pray, throughout the day. Loving One, we long for your peace: let peace begin with each of us. 

Merciful God, You call us to be merciful ourselves: remind us of the mercies we have received, and do likewise. 

Holy One, help us choose the gentle way in responding to others, that we may walk in paths of righteousness. 

Lord Christ, help us to see your face in each face before us, even under the mask of disagreement and anger. 

Holy Spirit, come rest like a cooling breeze upon those souls who are troubled, and dry the tears of the sorrowing. 

Almighty God, bend near to those whose needs we bring before You.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Prayer 730

Today is the two year anniversary of writing daily prayers!

Almighty God, we gather together in thanksgiving, blessed by the gift of community. We thank You that each day we can gather together to worship You and draw closer to You. Holy One, rise within the firmament of our hearts like the rising sun, and warm us with your Spirit. Anoint us with your Truth, and empower us with your Love, that we may serve You, and in serving You, praise You as our God. Lord Christ, we invite you into our hearts today, seeking to make them tabernacles of your wisdom. Extend the shade of your blessing over those for whom we pray, and give them that peace which surpasses understanding.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Prayer 729

In the courts of our hearts may songs of praise arise to our God, and guide us throughout the day. Give ear to our prayers, O Holy One, and fill our hearts with your Word. Give us the grace to see your beauty throughout creation, O Lord, that we may always marvel at your love for us. O God, you are our portion and our cup; may we overflow with thanksgiving for your abundant grace in our lives. Draw us together, O Holy Spirit, and unite us in a spirit of compassion and faithfulness. Spread the comfort of your wings over all who weep or mourn, Most Merciful God, and give rest to the weary. Remember especially those for whom we now pray.


Monday, January 19, 2015

Prayer on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, 2015

Lord God, we thank You for guiding us and correcting us through the voices of prophets throughout the ages. We thank You especially for your servant Martin Luther King, Jr., and for all who resound with his message today. May we allow our hearts and minds to be turned by their calls of repentance; may we open our eyes to the suffering around us. Let the rivers of equality and empathy pour down the mountains of our prejudices to water the broad plain of brotherhood and peace. Fill our hearts with love to strengthen us to work for the Beloved Community. Let us remember that our freedom stops when that freedom leads to the suffering or oppression of others. Help us form a more perfect union, establish justice, and secure the blessings of liberty for all, all in Your Name, Mighty God.