Monday, February 23, 2015

Prayer 763

Merciful Lord, we come before your throne, seeking to do your will. Hold us fast within your saving hand, and heal us of all that divides us from You. 

Forgive us, Holy One, for the times we have viewed those around us as means rather than ends. Forgive us, O Redeemer, for the times we have answered love with suspicion, jealousy, or faithlessness. 

Break open our hearts that they may bloom into hope and encourage others to live into faith and fulfillment in You. Strengthen us do the work of justice and peace as true disciples in the hope of building your kingdom. Give us the trust of little children, that we may grow in faith and love. Place our feet upon the holy mountain of your truth, that we may stretch toward the sun of your righteousness. 

Make us instruments of healing and wholeness unto the world under the banner of your grace and mercy. In your compassion, seal us and mark us as your own, and bring your blessing to rest upon those we now name.


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