Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Prayer 750

Most Holy God, bless us as we stretch toward You, seeking You with all our being. 

Help us to learn the ways of holiness and love, that we may be true disciples of your Word. 
Help us to be transformed in heart and soul and mind, and be called into fellowship with one another. 
Help us tear down the walls that separate us from each other and from You: our fears, our anxieties, our desire for control. 

Make us zealous to labor with joy in the fields of the Lord, to prepare the winter fields of our hearts for the spring rain. 
Let us hear the cries of those who thirst for justice, peace, and righteousness, and know that they speak with your voice. 

Blessed Redeemer, give courage to our hesitant feet, and place the warm wind of your love at our backs. Give ear to the cry of those who love You and those who seek You.


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