Saturday, February 28, 2015

Prayer 768

O God, we lift our hearts to You: from the rising of the sun to its setting we will praise your steadfast love. 

In our joy as in our sorrow we will hold fast to your saving hand, for You, O Lord, are always with us. We bow before You, O Holy One, & empty ourselves of all our pride: we repent of all that separates us from your love. May we draw deep from the well of your lovingkindness and compassion, that we may serve You faithfully and joyfully. 

Refresh the spirits of those who are tired, and restore the light of your blessing to those who worry or mourn. Let your Spirit alight upon us like a sparrow on a rooftop, and may we sing out your truth to the dawn of your love within us. Place us within the hollow of your hand, Lord Christ, and set your people within the broad plain of your mercy. Hear the whispered prayers of your people, Holy One, and shelter those who call on You.


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