Thursday, February 19, 2015

Prayer 759- Prayer of Penitence

Let us be still before the Lord, waiting patiently for the light of God. 

Holy One, we humbly pray for forgiveness for our sins, for our impatience and grudges, our refusal to trust in your mercy. 
We pray for our failures, of You and of each other, that we may turn back from our stubborn hardness of heart. 
We have sought preferment over community, & offered our backs rather than our hand to those in need: forgive us, Lord. 
We have scattered the children's food to the dogs of war and strife: may we repent of our folly. 

Merciful God, rend open our hearts that they may shine forth with your love. Take us by the hand and lead us into living your truth in our lives, Holy One, that we may be witnesses to your shalom. Rest your hand of blessing over those suffering in body, mind, or spirit, and give your angels charge over those we now name.


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