Friday, February 20, 2015

Prayer 760

Most Holy God, envelop us in your love and grace today. May we bend the knee of our hearts, minds, souls, and bodies, to live in joyful obedience to your will. Make us bold to step out upon the path of love that you have set before us, for the way of hope is the way of blessing. 

Give us the courage to dare to work for your kingdom, proclaim our love for You to all. 
Give us the hope to reimagine our lives with You and each other, holding fast to your testaments. 
Give us faith to see that your ways are sure and beautiful, and work to open the closed fists of our hearts. 
Give us strength to reach out to those in need, loving our brothers and sisters as ourselves. 
Give your light to those who are lost, O Holy One, and give your peace to those who are troubled. 

For You are the God of Compassion, and we want to be your people, your beacons, and your witnesses. We ask that You gather within your embrace those we now name.


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