Saturday, February 21, 2015

Prayer 761

A window at Trinity Episcopal Church, Tulsa.

Come, let us bless the Lord, who forgives all our sins, and is with us in joy and in sorrow. 

Almighty One, spread the wings of your mercy over us, and gather us into your embrace, for we are lost without You. Soothe our fevered brows, and place your cooling touch upon us, for we find our rest and peace in You. Lift the yoke of uncertainty and fear from us, and bathe us with the light of your wisdom. 

Surround us in the love of the company of all those who love us, to bear us up when we falter. May we breathe out our prayers, and breathe in your strength and courage, for You are with us always. Lead us into the cool valley of your peace, and make us glad to be at play in the fields of the Lord. Holy One, we lift up the names of these, beloved of God, and ask for your blessing.


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