Monday, February 2, 2015

Prayer 742

Holy Lord, we thank You for this new day, and seek your wisdom as we move through it. 

Make us willing, O God, to repent our mistakes and learn from them, we pray. Blessed Savior, help us to learn anger and hatred no more, but cultivate peace and charity in our hearts. Help us to learn greed and intolerance no more, but instead cherish all of creation. Help us to learn bitterness and suspicion no more, but instead seek to treat all we meet as we wish to be treated. 

Holy Spirit, move over the stubbled fields of our winter hearts, and sow the seeds of faith, healing and lovingkindness. May we give our allegiance to the reign of your Love, waging justice and equality rather than the sword of war and strife. We ask that your blessing alight upon those we now name.


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