Sunday, February 1, 2015

Prayer 741

Lord God, we rejoice as we come into your courts, and as our procession passes your gates, we shout hallelujah! We give thanks fr your manifold blessings, of this time of our that is in your hand, as we are drawn before your altars. We give thanks for your manifold mercies, for the grace of your salvation which you freely give in spite of our faults. Holy One, help us to be with You this day, for we know You are with us in our sighs and our joys. Knot us together, unified through your Love, that we be steadfast in obeying your call to us. Drive far from us all that we use to keep us from You and your abundant mercies. Come, Lord Jesus, send your Spirit upon us, that we may live and move and breathe in your love. Place your hand upon all who call upon You.


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