Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Prayer 765

Lord Christ, you were born into the world to lift up and save us in our weakness: we raise our hearts to you in thanks and praise. 

May we seek to make ourselves holy in all we do today. 
May we place our intentions upon the altar of blessing, that all we do may be good and pleasing in your sight. 
May we seek to mend the spirits of those whose hearts have been battered and bruised by trouble or hurt. 
May we seek to love others rather than use them, rejoicing in the presence of Christ within each other. 
May we allow ourselves to be wholly yours, that we may reflect into the world your peace and justice. 

May our prayers ascend to You like the scent of jasmine on a warm southern breeze. Spread over us the cloak of your mercy, and place your hand of blessing upon those we now name.


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