Sunday, February 8, 2015

Prayer 748

The dawn stretched across the sky like a canopy as I wrote this morning's prayer.

(inspired by John 7:37-46)
Holy God, we worship you with our hearts, our wills, our entire selves. 

Let us drink deeply of the living water that you give us, O Christ. Let our hearts overflow with that water, that we may be a pure and blameless offering to You and to each other. May we empty ourselves of all anxiety and strife, that we may be filled with your Spirit of Mercy and Grace. 

Help us to truly know You, O Holy One, and answer your call to us with a loud "Amen." Spread your love over us as an awning, as your glory gilds the Eastern skies at dawn. 

Bring us together as one people under the banner of heaven, Most Loving One, and grant your peace to those we now name.


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