Saturday, February 7, 2015

Prayer 747

Most merciful God, we open our hearts to You at this moment. Give us the hope to hear You as You call us, and give us the fortitude to act in the name of your Love and Wisdom. Give us the will to be fools for Christ, and to turn away from the ways of darkness. 

Let us never seek our own advantage at the expense of someone else, but let us remember that we stand and fall together. Let us work instead to establish justice, O Mighty One, and give love and charity full reign in our hearts. Let us work to feed the hungry: those of us who hunger in body, and those of us who hunger in spirit. Let us open the circle of our hearts to bring all within the boundary of true love and compassion. Let us tread gently upon the earth, and never tread upon each other, for we depend upon one and all. 

Guide the hearts and hands of your people, O Loving One, and look with favor upon those whom we now name.


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