Friday, February 28, 2014

Prayer 403

O God, as we await the morning sun, send your light of love to illumine our hearts. 
Let us be wise in your wisdom and foolish in the eyes of the world. 

Let us build many rooms in our hearts, and make a home in each one for those we love, and let us seek to love all we meet. 

Watch over those, O merciful One, who are ill, or who suffer, and give strength to the weary in body and mind. Give perseverance to those who fight for healing, and comfort to those who worry or mourn. 

We know You are with us always; send your Spirit of Peace to those for whom we pray.


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Prayer 402

Almighty God, open our hearts to You, that we may take in all your wisdom. 

The mercy of God is like a spring of water to a thirsty soul; we repent of our headstrong ways, and seek your will. 

Bend near to hear the supplications of your people; give your angels charge over those who search in darkness. Guide us in path of wisdom, love, and grace, O Wellspring: Your are our hope and the salvation of the world. 

Send your healing Spirit to those who are weary in body, mind, or soul, and sustain the hope of those we now name.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Prayer 401

Calla, Mission of Carmel

O Bright Morning Star, You guide us always toward the way we need to go; let us go, then, with rejoicing. You have set our feet upon this beautiful earth that moves at your command: let us also follow upon the path you have given us. 

We thank You for keeping watch over us unceasingly through the quiet of the night and the events of our day. We lift up our eyes from our busyness to see your holiness, for we are prone to forget that You shelter us and love us. 

Gather those who are anxious or troubled under the shadow of your wing, and press them close.


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Prayer 400

(Inspired by Psalm 121 and 1 John 4:7-21)
Almighty God, we rest in You and your immeasurable love. 

We raise our eyes to the hills; to the heights of the skies our spirits rise, for our help always comes from the Lord. Loving God, shade us from the heat of oppression and hatred, that your perfect love may cast out fear and division. 

Keep watch over your people, and keep our feet firmly set upon the path of discipleship. Set us upright within your gates, O God, that we may abide with You and with each other in perfect love through your Son. 

Let love be the foundation of all our joy and exultation. Send your Spirit upon us, Loving One, and hear the prayers of those who murmur or mourn.


Monday, February 24, 2014

Prayer 399

Almighty One, we lift our hearts to You, and give You thanks! 

Teach us your precepts that we may be made glad in your ways and promoters of concord and amity. Make us better listeners, better neighbors, and better friends, that the bonds of love be strengthened. 

Give aid to those who are afflicted in body, mind, or spirit, that they take joy in this day. Bring peace, O Lord, into our hearts, that we may hold fast to your grace and mercy. Give ear to the prayers of your people, and comfort and bless those we now name.


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Prayer 398

Glory and praise to You, O God Most High! We raise our voices in thanksgiving, for we are blessed indeed! 

Almighty One, bring us in joy into your sanctuary to sing thanks for your wondrous Love. May we gather at your altar for strength and inspiration: send your Holy Spirit to consecrate us to your service. Guard us and guide us that we share your blessing, as seeds are scattered by the spring wind. Let your lovingkindness shine forth from our hearts to all who are searching or losing hope: make us instruments of your peace. 

Encircle all those who worry, weep, or ache with a cloud of angels, to ease their burden and uplift their hearts.


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Prayer 397

Let us sing a song of the glories of God, and raise our voices in praise! We sleep and work beneath your starry skies, O God: rain, wind, snow, light all magnify your glory. May our sins be forgiven and our faults be mended, and may we seek to clasp your commandments to our hearts. Let our works bring praise upon You, Almighty One, and build the kingdom of heaven here on earth. Let our love for each other blaze forth, knitting us together as a priestly and generous people. Hear our prayer and give aid to those who call upon You, Loving One.


Friday, February 21, 2014

Prayer 396

Teach us your ways, O God, that we may follow them all the days of our lives. Help us to walk humbly before You and before our fellow-travelers upon this earth, as your Son walked among us as a beggar. Let us earnestly seek the pardon of those who have wronged, and open our hearts to those in need. Let us combine justice and mercy in our actions, and be quicker to love than to condemn. Let us see the face of Christ in all who call out to us, that all be drawn together in the communion of heaven. Hear the prayers of those whose hope is not in our own worthiness but in You alone, and your Love.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Prayer 395

Loving One, we thank you for this day and raise our praises and prayers to You. We bless Your Holy Name, and give thanks for Your deeds of mercy and compassion within our lives. 

Wash away our sins and help us overcome our faults, that we may stand before You night and day. Give us grace to seek out reconciliation with ourselves as well as each other, letting go of what we cannot change. 

 Let us raise up our joy for all our blessings, for the strength to persevere and the love we find in those we meet today. 

Look with favor upon us, O God of healing, especially on those who are wounded in body or soul. Hear the sighs of your people, in petition or thanksgiving, as they rest within your embrace.


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Prayer 394

(inspired by John 10:1-18)
Blessed Redeemer, we praise You with thanksgiving welling within our hearts, for You are ever with us. We sing of your mercy and justice; we praise You in our hearts at all times. 

You blot out our offenses, and welcome us back into your gate again and again, O Shepherd of Souls. May we hearken to your voice when we stray from your fellowship, and bask in the beauty of your song of love to us. May we run to your voice and answer your call, for You are the source of all blessing and strength. Keep us within your pasture, that we may dance with joy and do your will under your loving protection. 

Extend your hand over us as a father blesses his children, and give peace and blessing to those for whom we pray.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Prayer 393

(Inspired by John 9:18-41)
Almighty God, our eyes behold your glory, and we worship You as light paints the East. Open our eyes, O Lord, for we have been blind. Open our eyes to see your path and guide our feet that we may not stray from it. Open our eyes to see the sins we have committed, and bring our hearts to true repentance. Open our eyes to see the face of Christ in each person we meet, and guide our hands to take theirs in brotherhood. When we close our eyes in prayer, may we see your kingdom, and may we work to take our place within it. Look with favor, O God of Healing and Grace, upon these your children, whose prayer is to You.


Monday, February 17, 2014

Prayer 392

We come before You in humble prayer, O God, and ask that You rule in our hearts. 

Drive far from us all fear and anger: fill us with your light, that we may walk your path of righteousness and love. May our footing be sure, and our feet never slip: may we open our eyes and be mindful of each step we take in your name. 

Strengthen our hearts that we may be loving to those who hate us, and generous to those who are angry. We thank you for the blessing of community and rejoice in the gift of all who love us. 

In your compassion, draw all who mourn within the enclosure of your love. Heal our infirmities and soothe our spirits, O Loving One, and keep us in safety today, as we pray for the needs of our loved ones.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Prayer 391

O God, You are our Defender and our Strength: let our prayers ascend to You like incense. Happy are we who feel the light of God's countenance upon us! We will praise You, O Lord Most High, and enter into your sanctuary with thanksgiving. 

Lift up our heads to see your grace even in anxiety and sadness. Send the warm wind of your mercy and love at our backs, and propel us past the shoals of pain and fear. Grant your peace and healing, abundant beyond our understanding, to all those for whom we pray, O Merciful One.


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Prayer 390

O Almighty One, our times are in your hand: look with favor upon us, we pray. You are our refuge and our creator: all things came into being at your command. Our worries at times loom before us like mountains, but You lift us up on wings of compassion to survey all our blessings. Set our sights on the horizon, where your love rises and comes to us as dawn breaks from the East. 

We put our trust in You and know You are with us, and we are glad and refreshed as in springtime. Let your lovingkindness shine forth in our hearts, and rest upon those whose needs we lift up to You.


Friday, February 14, 2014

Prayer 389

O God, thank you for bringing us in safety to this day, whether it holds sunshine or snow, for both are blessings from You. 

Open our lips to proclaim your praise; our hearts to enshrine your Love, our minds to receive your Word. Create in us clean hearts, and renew our spirits to do your work. Bless and consecrate us this day to go forth into the world bearing your message of justice and peace. 

We turn to You in joy and sorrow, hope and anxiety, for you sustain us always with your bountiful Spirit. Uphold your servants who call upon you in their cares and concerns, especially those we now name.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Prayer 388

A Mural by Faith47 in Miami.

Loving, Almighty God, you have been our dwelling place since we were born; your love is inscribed in our hearts. It is in you that we are meant to live, and to love each other as you always love us. In You we have hope of healing and rest from anxiety. You are our strength and our redeemer, and we put our trust in you, for your mercy is unending. Build up those who are bowed down, and guide us when we lose our way, O Shepherd of our hearts. Watch over, strengthen, comfort, we pray, these your beloved children whom we now name.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Prayer 387

Creator God, we come before You in awe for the works of Your Hands which sustain us in each moment and breath. You set the stars in their courses- help us follow the paths of peace and justice this day. You clothe the lilies of the field in beauty-- help us to put on the raiment of righteousness and walk humbly with our companions. Your eye is on the sparrow- watch over those who are in need, sorrow, or pain, especially these we now name.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Prayer 386

God of Glory and Power, we remember the manifold gifts you have given your people throughout time, and we give you thanks. 

Let us be joyful, for it is not that we are first blessed and we are happy; it is that we are happy and we are blessed. For your love, O God, is the source of all that brings us joy: fellowship, comfort, and strength to do your will. 

You are the source of wisdom and truth, and we are blessed indeed. Help us unclench the fist of our hearts, and open them instead to your mercy, that they beat in love and not in anger or distress. 

Spread the wings of your compassion over all who are oppressed by pain, anxiety, or sadness, we pray. Gather the prayers of your people, offered in faith and hope, and attend to the needs of those we name, Merciful Lord.


Prayer 385

Loving One, we come before you in prayer as the day begins. 

Make us a priestly people, guided by your word and sacraments. Give us the will to carry your banner into the world by our actions. 

Watch over those who worry or weep, or who anxiously face the dawn. Comfort those who feel lost or alone, and help them to know the love of You, and the love of those around them. Sustain those who mourn, and strengthen those in distress. 

We ask especially that you bless and uphold those whom we now name.


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sabbath Meditation Prayer (Day 384)

O God, we are breathing, and with each breath we anchor ourselves in your love, mercy, and generosity. 

As the birds sing the dawn into being, we too lift our voices in praise of the beauty of God's love for us. 
Like those birds, may we anticipate the blessings that lie before us in this day, sure in faith that blessing indeed will come. 

May we not wait for good in the world, but be agents of good in the world in the name of our Savior. 
May we not wait for God to reveal himself to us each day, but be agents of God to reveal who God is for us and for the world. 

O merciful God, look with favor upon us today, and place your hand upon us, and those for whom we pray.


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Prayer 383

Day by day we worship You, O God Most Holy, who blesses the earth and all that is in it. 

We raise our hands and hearts to You in blessing and for blessing: You answer us with mercy and loving-kindness. May our actions today extol your wondrous Love to all who hunger for the way of life. May we treasure your wisdom in our hearts, and break the chains of injustice and poverty in the name of Christ. 

Merciful God, we call upon You in the name of those for whom we pray, that they be comforted and blessed this day.


Friday, February 7, 2014

Prayer for Light (Day 382)

As the days grow ever brighter, O Merciful One, we give thanks to your for your guidance and steadfast love. 

May the light of Christ shine upon us, and shine within us, brighter than a thousand suns. Teach us to see in each face the light of God, and may we cause that light to shine brighter with love. 

Loving one, we cast all the wounds that bind us upon the waters of your mercy, trusting You to renew our spirits. May gentleness and compassion blaze within the hearths of our hearts, and drive away all shadows of complacency and pride. 

May we arise from your worship aflame with purpose, fervently seeking your will in our lives. We commend to you the needs and concerns of those around us which we hold within our hearts, especially those we now name. 


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Prayer Written When the Alarm Clock Went Off 45 Minutes Late (Day 381)

We praise You, O Almighty and Merciful God: look with favor upon your servants today, as we seek to do your will. 

We pray for the leaders of nations, that they act with justice and integrity. 
We pray for peace throughout the world, especially in Southern Sudan, Ukraine, and Syria. 
We pray for those of faith, especially your Church, that we be united in love and service to You. 
We pray for those who are cold or homeless, that we treat them with dignity and justice. 
We pray for those who have lost their way, that they may recover their hope and rest in Your love. 
We give thanks for your manifold blessings, for love, and laughter, and the chance to serve You and worship You free from fear. 
We pray for the sick, in body, mind, or soul, that your healing embrace may surround them and make them whole. 
We pray for those who have died and those who mourn, that your light surround them. 

Hear the prayers of your people, and rest your loving hand of blessing and mercy upon those we now name.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Epiphany Prayer 30- Love Heals (Day 380)

O God of Grace, You are our salvation: may our eyes behold your light and illumine our hearts with Love. Your Love, O God, is a soothing balm: the merciful gift of Love sets us on solid rock when we flounder.

Let us place before You the hurts that burden us: your Love heals us and sets us free. 

Let us place before You the aches and pains of weary hearts: your Love heals us and releases us to joy.

Let us place before You our woundedness and fly free of its pull: your Love heals us and reminds us to love each other.

Let us place before You the fears that hold us back from loving others: your Love heals us and makes us whole. 

Let us place before You our failure to see You in each other: your Love heals us and calls us to be loving in all things.

May our silences and our words, our actions and our thoughts, our hands and our hearts be instruments of your love today. May your love rest upon all who cry to You, O God of Tenderness, especially those whom we now name.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Epiphany Prayer (Day 379)

O God, you have been with us through the watches of the night: may the light of your countenance shine upon us today. 

May we laugh like Sarah in gratitude for all the blessings you have given us. May we invite You in to our hearts and lives today, and listen to your voice as you guide us. May we sing praises as we put our feet on your path, and seek out your ways. May we be loving and patient in our words, and generous in our actions. 

May we rest in your embrace when trials beset us, and trust in your presence at all times. Give your angels charge over those who are weary in body, mind, or spirit, especially those we now name.


Monday, February 3, 2014

Prayer - Faith (Day 378)

(Inspired by Hebrews 11: 1-12)
Almighty, Merciful God, we praise you and bless you with the rising sun. 

You have brought us, through faith, to this new day, and sustained us in all our journeys. You have blessed us abundantly, and made us sure even when our paths have led us beyond all that we knew. 

Let us have the faith to open our hearts to You and have the courage to do Your will. Let us see that faith is the father of hope, and hope is the mother of love. 

We lift up our hearts and lives before You, O God, that we may be bound together through faith and love. Mindful of all our blessings, penitent for all our faults, we put our faith in your goodness, compassion, and mercy. 

Watch over those whose needs and concerns we share, especially those we now name.


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Epiphany Prayer 28 (Day 377)

Almighty God, you are our castle and fortress, and we turn to You in thanksgiving. 

May we drink deeply of your life-giving Word and sacraments today. May we lay before You all our sins; You know them, Lord, as you know the hairs on our heads, yet gift us with your grace. We ask not only for pardon but for strength to amend our wrongs, and determination to walk humbly with You, mindfully, prayerfully, gratefully. May we turn from treasuring our hurts and shielding our hearts to stand upright before your altar, in integrity and peace. 

May we instead take up the burden of love and mercy. May we not just speak of love, but live it, to find the burden is easy and the yoke light indeed. May we see each other with new eyes, and rejoice in the fellowship of saints and sinners, all the beloved of God. 

We remember and pray for the needs and thanksgivings of our loved ones, and ask that your love and peace be given in double portion to those we name.


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Epiphany Prayer 27 (Day 376)

(inspired by Micah 6:8)
Love divine, we praise You for the beauty of this new day: alleluias rise with the song of the morning birds. 

You have called us into covenant with You; like a shepherd, You call us back when we stray from your paths. Let us seek only to do what is good in service to You, for your mercy and love pours down like rain. Let us do justice to those we love, and to those we meet, and to those whom we see suffering. Let us do kindness as we walk humbly with You and with each other. 

Incline your ear to our prayers for those we name, O Most Merciful God, as we bear them up in tenderness.