Saturday, July 14, 2018

Prayer 1995: Inspired by Psalm 20

Merciful God, we lift our hearts to you,
seeking to center ourselves in your mercy
and breathe in your peace at the start of our day.

We give you thanks for all the blessings we receive:
your generous hand, O Lord,
supports us from our going out to our coming in,
lifting our spirits and renewing our souls.
Pour out your peace upon us and strengthen us
that we may do the work of reconciliation and compassion
You have given us to do as children of God.

The strength of your arm protects us in trouble,
O Holy One, our Rock and our Guide;
you are always alongside us when we need help,
our companion in adversity,
our comforter in sorrow or pain.

As a mother cares for her children,
You answer us when we call, O Savior and Redeemer:
let us still ourselves
and remember your steadfast love at all times,
but especially as we pray.


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