Sunday, July 15, 2018

Prayer 1996: Eighth Sunday After Prntecost

Inspired by Psalm 24

All the Earth is yours, O God:
let us open wide the doors of your sanctuary
that our prayers and praises may be placed before your altar.

May we purify ourselves, O Sovereign God,
and cherish your law within the depths of our hearts
that we may be pure and holy as your people.
May we stand before You as your beloveds
and testify about you as your disciples, Lord Christ.
May your truest sanctuary be our own hearts, O Holy One,
that we may be animated by your word 
nd be faithful in embodying your healing love.
May we walk together as one,
and proclaim God's mercy and justice in all our ways.

Sanctify us by your Holy Spirit, O Lover of Our Souls,
and pour out your peace on those we now name.


Photo: St. John's Episcopal Church, Eolia, MO.

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