Saturday, December 23, 2017

Prayer 1792: for the courage to assent

God of power and glory,
we come before You
as dawn pulls back the curtain of night,
as we hear the call of our Savior at the doors of our souls:
Spirit of God, enter, and guide us.

From the foundation of time
You have loved us, O God:
You have molded us as vessels of holiness
and honored us by calling us into fellowship with all creation:
may we joyfully assent and delight in your will.

We are bound together by your grace
and redeemed by your mercy, blessed Jesus;
may we exalt You
with the works of our hands and hearts,
led by utmost devotion and joy.

Let us open our eyes
to see the beauty of Christ in every face-
in the hungry, the homeless, the imprisoned-
and persevere in love and deed
until all are secure, content, and at peace.

Let us jubilantly set our shoulders to the yoke of love,
taking up the works of holiness and redemption
that our Savior taught us to walk in,
singing songs of praise.

You know our hearts, O God:
forge within us the bright flame of compassion
that we may welcome your Spirit of Healing within us.
Bend near, O Merciful One:
give us the courage and strength
to assent to your call to us,
and stoop to hear our prayers,
which we humbly place before You.


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