Friday, December 22, 2017

Prayer 1791: Trusting and Seeing Anew

O God, our times are in your possession:
let us sing to you with the breath you have given us,
and center our hearts and minds
within your peace and joy.

Be with us, O Emmanuel:
shine the light of your countenance upon us,
for your grace, O Lord, is from everlasting,
and your peace a rising tide
that lifts us above the shoals of life.

For the times we have denied your presence
within us, and in the world around us,
whether in joy or anxiety,
forgive us:
for You, O God, have marked us as your own
and written our names across your palm.

May we ever shout for joy
as we perceive your wonders before us,
and walk in gratitude and companionship
with You, and each other, O Holy One.

As the days lengthen,
may the precious Light of Christ
surge again within our hearts,
that we may shout with joy
and turn from endurance to rejoicing.

Gather our prayers within your hand, O Savior,
holding us securely within your safekeeping,
and gather us to rest upon your breast,
content and comforted within your embrace
as we sigh out our concerns before You.


Photo: dozens of candles shone in the darkness during our Blue Christmas service at Christ Church Cathedral on December 19, 2017.

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