Sunday, December 24, 2017

Prayer 1793: The Fourth Sunday of Advent/ Christmas Eve

Blessed Jesus, enter into our lives today:
may we bid you welcome,
and make our hearts your home.

May we join the chorus of heaven
and the throngs who gather to worship You, O God,
and receive your gift of Love Incarnate.

May the power of the Holy Spirit
overtake us and renew our spirits
that we may welcome the Prince of Peace
who calls us to new life and unity.

O Holy Savior,
whose Mother said yes to the power of God
and dared to open herself to God's will,
and carry Love Incarnate into the world:
give us the same courage and openness
to carry your truth in our lives
and be transformed.

Lord Christ,
who comes to us in tenderness and humility,
lead us to light everlasting,
and pour out your blessing upon all who seek your face.


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