Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Prayer 1762: In gratitude

To You, O Creator, we lift our hearts,
our Rock and our Shield:
we put our trust in You.
Purify us of our divisions,
and lead us out of error into truth;
strengthen us in charity and hope,
that we may live according to your love, O God.

Open our eyes to behold your wonders,
open our hearts to shine forth with your mercy,
O Lover of Souls.
Let us dedicate ourselves anew
to walking in gratitude with our God,
in gentleness and tenderness for all creation.
Let us work for healing and justice
that peace and contentment may bloom
in the desert spaces of our hearts.

Lord Jesus, abide within us,
make us holy vessels of your compassion
that we may walk in your ways with joy.
By your grace gather us to your heart, Lord Christ,
as we place our cares and concerns before You.


Photo: Today the Church remembers St. Cecilia, the patron of musicians; this is from our 175th diocesan convention three years ago, which featured musical breaks throughout the weekend.

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