Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Prayer 1761

Most Merciful God,
be our strength and our shield today,
and send your angels to guard us
behind and before.
We lift our hearts to you in joy
grateful for your steadfast love
that warms us and leads us in hope.

May we open our hearts to be reconciled
to each other,
to creation, and
to You,
united through Christ who strengthens us
and leads us in the path of life.
Grant us the faith of a mustard seed,
that we may remember the power of your love, Lord Jesus,
and work for the healing of the wounded world.
Have mercy, Lord Jesus, upon all who seek you;
in your Name may we carry the banner of peace and justice,
that our hands and hearts be turned to healing and love.

Come, Holy Spirit, and burnish our souls,
that we may shine with the light of wisdom and grace.
Bless and keep all those
who watch, or wait, or weep, or worry, O Holy God;
shelter and strengthen those for whom we pray.


Photo: My friend and colleague, Diocesan Youth Missioner Loren Lasch, and my son and one of our friends from my former parish present in front of the Diocesan Convention last weekend on the ministry our youth are engaged in within the diocese and beyond.

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