Thursday, November 23, 2017

Prayer, Day 1763- For Thanksgiving Day

O God,
Source of Continuous Blessings,
Creator of All,
we bow our heads
and lift our grateful hearts to You. 

We ask your blessing, O God,
on those who stand resolute,
protecting your good Earth,
its forests, plains, mountains, and waters.
Help us remember that
the bounty we enjoy
comes from your creation,
for you called us to serve the land,
not dominate it.

Help us to embrace our loved ones,
of birth and of choice,
and joyfully express our love for them.
Remember those who travel
or work to keep us safe this day,
and place your right hand of power over them.

Help us be decisive
in ensuring the blessings of our abundance
are shared with all.  Let us remember that gratitude
is the life You call us to live into,
and that it is rooted in peace
and justice for all.
Give us hearts
to care for our neighbor
and bid welcome to the stranger,
reflecting your grace, mercy,
and lavish love.

In all things,
You fill our hearts with your blessing:
envelop those we name
in your shalom,
we pray.


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