Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Prayer 1755: hope in times of trial

Almighty Creator,
we bow before you in hope,
grateful for our many blessings.

Open our hears to hear the praise-song of creation,
the stars and winds singing their joy,
that we may join in their tune.
May your Word soak into us
like rain on a grateful autumn field,
refreshing us in abundance.

We repent of all our sins,
and our silences in the face of wrong,
our casual acceptance of suffering and want.
Remembering all that we have been forgiven,
help us to find our way to forgiveness.

Unify us in faith, O Savior,
and by your loving hand uphold us in adversity or trial.
Awaken us, O Spirit,
to walk gently with each other,
and call us to holy love
as we remember before You these beloveds.


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