Thursday, November 16, 2017

Prayer 1756

Enfold us,
Almighty God,
as we still our hearts
to abide within your Spirit.

We worship You and give You thanks,
for You surround us in abundant grace and mercy.
Forgive us our sins,
that we may return to the Way of Life and Love.

Drive far from us all anxiety or fear, Blessed Jesus,
that we may remember the unity of all things in You.
Let us use the freedom you have given us,
O Creator,
for the peace and the welfare of all,
for the protection of your luminous creation,
and magnification of your glory.

Consecrate us to your service today, O God,
that we may walk as your companions and children
in gentleness, compassion, and mercy.

Lord, give your angels charge
over those who watch, wait, or wonder,
and over those whose needs we now name.


Photo: Kilkenny High Cross at Ullard, by Jim Dempsey. as I cannot find my own copy.

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