Saturday, July 1, 2017

Prayer 1618: inspired by Psalm 108:1-6

Christ Church Cathedral on ordination night. Note the amazing Pride lighting on the building in the background.
Photo by my friend the Rev. Mike Angell.

(Inspired by Psalm 108:1-6 in the daily office readings for this day)

Most Blessed Savior,
we sing our praises to You
as this day you have made sings creation awake.
With joyful hands we raise our hearts to God,
refreshed and restored with gratitude and jubilation.
May they resound with the chords of your love and mercy,
bringing us together in unity and harmony.

Enlivened by the Spirit,
let us rejoice
and be at work and play
in the fields of the Lord,
our Shepherd and our Hope.
Let us sing out the glory of God
and live out the truth of the Way of Jesus
through all the ends of the earth.

Holy One, abide within us
and lead us to love You, each other, and all creation
with steadfast wonder.
Place the kiss of your blessing, O Redeemer,
upon all who call upon You,
and upon all for whom we pray.


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