Friday, June 30, 2017

Prayer 1617: held within the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The bishop presents us to the congregation at Christ Church Cathedral as newly ordained priests last night.

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord,
your love is stretched as wide as the heavens
as we rise to sing our praise.

You, Lord Christ, are our true food and drink;
you gather us in your arms as your children.

Press the hand of blessing over our hearts and minds,
that they be consecrated to You today, O Holy One.

Give us hands that heal and hearts that forgive,
that we reflect your love into the world.

O Sacred Heart of Jesus,
envelop within your mercy
the wandering, the lost,
the hurting, the lonely.
By the power of Love Incarnate,
bless and protect those we now name,
we humbly pray.


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