Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Prayer, day 1601: For forgiveness and compassion

A palm frond unfurls as the warm summer air coaxes it to growth.

Like incense rising on the morning breeze, may our prayers ascend to You, O Creator and Redeemer. Let us breathe deep the goodness and mercy of God, rejoicing for the generous love of the One Who Made Us. 

May we welcome Christ into our hearts, that we may act in wisdom and compassion for all living things. 
May we place our arms around all who mourn, and offer care and relief for those who weep. 
May we seek reconciliation from one another, and forgive those who have wronged us, not only for their sakes but for ours. 
May the power of the Holy Spirit fill us with the firm assurance of the steadfast love of God, and knit us together, heart and soul. 

United in the fellowship of God's kingdom, we raise our prayers before our Shepherd and Savior.


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