Thursday, June 15, 2017

Prayer 1602: For the Epidemic of Gun Vioence

Yesterday, there were mass shootings of Congressmen and staffers in Alexandria, VA and at a UPS facility in San Francisco, CA, and countless others across our nation were wounded and killed through gun violence. When will we say enough,
and admit that we are choosing ways of life that deny our goodness and faith?
O God, your embrace has brought us safely to this new day;
may we rest ourselves within your mercy and love.

Forgive us, Lord, our headstrong and selfish ways
that lead to violence, exploitation, and cruelty.
Give us the wisdom and will
to lead ourselves into righteousness and peace,
as You have called us repeatedly
through the lips of prophets,
even at last
by sending your only Son,
whom we put on a cross,
himself a victim of our violence and fear.

Yet love is stronger than death,
and hope is stronger than fear,
and still we rise,
seeking to turn again and live by your will.
Awaken our hearts to receive your light
that we may instead dwell in hope, charity, and wisdom.
Give us the courage
to stand up to the forces of fear and hatred,
who profit from the bitter harvest they reap.

Comfort the mourning, O Holy God,
and, as our shepherd, gather the lost in your arms.
O God, our cry is to You and each other;
Send your healing Spirit over us, and all those for whom we pray.


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