Friday, June 16, 2017

Prayer 1603: surrounded by God's embrace

Detail, The Embrace, Gustav Klimt.

We praise you, O Creator God,
who made us and blessed us with reason:
may our questing hearts rest in your wonder.
Make our hearts houses of prayer, Lord Christ,
and our spirits temples of praise and mercy.
Lord Jesus, you walked among us
to teach us the path of healing and wholeness,
compassion springing up in every step.
May our lives be testimony
to your grace and beauty, O Spirit of Truth,
and may we embody your Word and example.

Gather within your embrace, O Holy One,
all who are in pain, and all who mourn,
that they be comforted.
Pour your blessing over us like summer rain, O God,
and grant your peace to those we remember before You.


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