Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Prayer 1600: in trust and assurance

For 1600 days, the answer to this question has been "Yes," and I thank God for all who have prayed with me.

Living God, Keeper of My Soul,
unto you I offer my heart
led by your Spirit in joy.

In humble trust I offer You my all:
You spread your love beneath me like a net
to catch me if I fall.

Lift me up to see your glory, Lord Christ;
from the aspect of love
let me see your ongoing creation within us.

Holy One, set me high upon the rock:
though waves and tempests crash,
you keep me safe and hold me fast.

Grant me wisdom
that I may serve others and You
in truth and love.

Bless and keep us,
O Redeemer and Friend,
and pour out your mercy on those for whom we pray.


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