Thursday, April 13, 2017

Prayer 1540: Maundy Thursday

Harvest field. Baruch atah Adonai, Elohainu Melech Ha-Olam.

Beloved Savior,
you gather us
and give us a final command:
"Love one another,
as I have and still love you,"
even as darkness draws near.

You show us in word and act
that the heart of love is service,
humble and tender:
may we ever do likewise,
remade, restored, renewed.
From this good earth
and the work of human hands
you feed us-
drawn around one table,
one bread,
one cup:
Blessed are You, Lord God.
May we also be broken open,
and used to bless the world,
O Adonai, King of the Universe.

Let us make our prayer to you
to be faithful witnesses,
into the darkening night
which you have shared with us.

May we be brought anew
before the light of your countenance,
and reflect that light
into the darkest corners of our hearts.

Lord Jesus,
our companion,
our brother,
our king,
bless us and heal us,
we humbly pray.


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