Friday, April 14, 2017

Prayer 1541: Good Friday

From the Museum of the Middle Ages, Paris.

Blessed Savior,
whose body is broken for us,
may we be united in our witness and love
to your sacrifice, O Christ.

We confess our sinfulness,
our resistance to your call to unity,
our tendency to violence and enmity
instead of love.

Lord, let us stay awake
and watch with you for just one hour.
Lord, let us be still.
We pray for the ground beneath our feet,
that cradled your precious steps toward Calvary.
We pray for all whose faith
is broken, lost, or known to you alone.
We pray for all who suffer or grieve
in body, mind, or spirit;
we pray for all whose fellowship
is shattered by treachery, betrayal, or jealousy.

In the silence at the foot of the cross,
we make our prayer to you,
O Eternal One,
whose love remains even in darkness.
Your arms stretched wide to encompass the whole world,
we make our prayer to you, Lord Christ.


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