Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Prayer 1539: Wednesday of Holy Week

Palm Sunday, 2017.

Almighty God, our hearts rise to You,
seeking your wisdom, resting in your mercy:
hear our prayer.
We confess before You our manifold faults,
and the part we have played in the "deadly circularity of oppression."
We have fled from your goodness,
in ourselves and others,
and rooted ourselves in fear rather than hope and faith.

Good Lord, deliver us;
reconcile us to You
and strengthen our hearts, souls, and minds in love.
You are our God:
your grace and mercy are ever before us.
Stretch out your hand of peace and healing
over all who call upon You.
Your Word is sweeter than honey,
and satisfies the deepest longing of our hearts.

May all be drawn within your light, O God,
especially those we now name.


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