Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Prayer, Day 1503

The Holy Spirit, detail from a window at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, Ferguson.

Loving One, we thank you for this day and raise our praises and prayers to You. We bless Your Holy Name, and give thanks for Your deeds of mercy and compassion within our lives. 

Wash away our sins and help us overcome our faults, that we may stand before You night and day. Give us grace to seek out reconciliation with ourselves as well as each other, letting go of what we cannot change. 

 Let us raise up our joy for all our blessings, for the strength to persevere and the love we find in those we meet today. 

Look with favor upon us, O God of healing, especially on those who are wounded in body or soul. Hear the sighs of your people, in petition or thanksgiving, as they rest within your embrace.


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