Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Prayer 1504: Grace and Gratitude

Dawn breaks and prayers rise over the lake at Camp Phoenix.

Most Merciful God,
this is a new day,
filled with your promise of mercy: 
let us rejoice and give You thanks.

May the rising light give me sight

to seek forgiveness
and to turn to the way of healing and repentance.
Although I am but a child, 
ou, O God, bend near and guide me.

Lord, I remember your unfailing lovingkindness:

may I keep that grace ever before me to light my way today.
You, O God, have set my feet upon the solid rock,
high above the tumults and crashing waves that rise and fall.
You have created us
to be a fellowship of witnesses
and called us to love each other,
which is the greatest blessing of all.

Let us set forth upon the path of hope and reconciliation,

seeking to embody your abundant compassion
as we remember those for whom we now pray.


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