Monday, March 6, 2017

Prayer 1502

The crocuses turn their faces toward the winter sun in hope: how can we not do likewise?

Most Merciful God:
in thanksgiving we come before You,
rooting ourselves in your mercy and sheltering embrace.
Bring us to a new awareness of the gifts You have given us,
that we hear your call to holiness.
Lord, you give us freedom:
forgive us for when we have abused our freedom
to exploit others or oppress the weak.
Strengthen us in kindness and humility:
lead us into new paths of compassion
in the name of healing and love.
Guide the hands and the minds of the healers, Lord Christ:
bless doctors, nurses, and caregivers,
and those they tend.
Bend near to all in trouble or need, O Spirit of Love,
and comfort especially these beloveds.


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