Sunday, March 5, 2017

Prayer 1501: First Sunday in Lent

In humility and repentance, let us pray.

This is the day that the Lord has made: let us answer the call to reconciliation and worship with open hearts.

Forgive us, O Creator, for our transgressions and rebellions,
that we may be reconciled to You and each other.
In contrition and humility, we turn to You and repent,
for love of You, O Lord, should be the aim of our lives.
Align us again to your will, O God, and not our own,
that we may restore justice and peace within ourselves and our communities.
Renew us in fellowship and compassion,
and clothe us in holiness and love, we humbly pray.

Enfolded within your grace, O God,
may we remember again your promises of mercy,
and embody that promise in our hearts.
Send your angels to abide with those who are weary or worried,
and comfort and strengthen those for whom we pray.


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