Saturday, March 4, 2017

Prayer 1500: We are beloved dust

Galaxies and suns in their courses, and we are made of the same, beloved.

Lord, our spirits are drawn toward you,
and we are rise with the sun to rejoice
at your precious love and faithfulness.

We are dust,
beloved dust,
dust shaped and formed by the Holy One:
may we bless and love the Earth,
our womb and our home.

We have sinned,
yet are made for love:
let us repent
and embrace healing,
turning toward life and integrity.

Help us to live in holiness and hope,
with justice and joy,
bound to each other in affection.

Let us shine
with your glory and truth,
Blessed and Beloved One,
bearing the banner of love and unity.
Holy One,
we lay before you our cares and concerns,
and ask your peace for all who seek You.


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