Sunday, November 27, 2016

Prayer 1406: The First Sunday in Advent

On the first Sunday of Advent, we light "the Prophecy Candle, or the "Candle of Hope,"
directly opposite from the Rose Candle.

O Light of Lights,
and encircle us with your wisdom and truth,
that we may be led into paths of faith and joy.

We bless You and thank You,
O Holy One,
for all that You are doing within us
and in creation.
Transform our hearts and minds
through your instruction,
that You may find us ever watchful
and alert to your call.
May your light
drive away the shadows within our hearts,
and its warmth be a balm for our souls.

Lord Christ, all that we are and have is yours:
heal us of all that separates us from your love.
Let us give all,
that we may receive the life
for which you made us:
a life of praise, thankfulness, and compassion.
United by your grace,
we ask for your blessing and healing, O God,
upon us and all whom we now remember.


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