Monday, November 28, 2016

Prayer 1407: Shine

Yesterday's #adventword was "shine," and I thought of this photo I took in 2012 of the rose window at the Cathedral de Notre Dame in Paris.

Let us rise to sing praises to the Holy One who inhabits eternity yet dwells within our hearts: Come, Lord Jesus, Come. You, Lord, are our shield and help: your love surrounds us and holds us fast within your boundless mercy. You sustain us and watch over us in tenderness: may we ever rejoice within the arms of our Creator and Savior.

Let your teachings to us be as bread to the hungry: enlighten us with your wisdom and truth. Lead us into repentance for all our wrongdoing, and for our cooperation or silence in the face of oppression. Give us gentle hearts, compassionate spirits, and enquiring minds, that we may grow in your peace and grace. 

Holy Spirit, rest upon us, filling us with your fire, and bestow your blessing upon those we now name.


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