Saturday, November 26, 2016

Prayer 1405

We all know where our place of safety and welcome is.

Almighty God, we lift our hearts to You in thanks and praise, recalling your blessings without number.

You have set us high upon the rock when the waters of fear rise:
You have cared for us as a Mother for her children.
You have called us and cared for us with an ever-lasting love:
may we hear and seek to abide with You always.

May we be inspired by your Word to work for justice and peace among the oppressed and the powerless.
May we never seek our own advantage over the needs of others; may we advance the cause of love and compassion. 
May we never seek to inflict our own wounds upon others, but walk gently among those we meet as beloved companions. 

Guide us and gentle us, O Savior:
let us walk faithfully in the ways of wisdom and love.

Holy One, send forth your Spirit to shelter those in danger, sorrow, or fear; enlighten the hearts of those we now name.


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