Friday, October 21, 2016

Prayer, day 1369-- In Praise of Autumn

Sugar maples in my neighborhood.

O God, we thank You for being our companion through the seasons of life, and we praise and bless You forever!

You are our hope, which buds within our hearts like a sapling tree. 
You are the green joy that springs up from the soil of our hearts and takes root, blessing us and holding us fast.
You are the lustrous light of faithfulness: you call us to turn to You as flowers crane their necks to the sun.
You are the song of praise that sings from the symphony of color of autumn forests and fields.
You are our warming fire, that sets our embered souls ablaze through the breath of your Spirit.

Open our eyes to see your glory, O Creator, and open our hearts to nurture your Word and Truth. 
Hear the prayers that tumble from our hearts like fallen leaves, and gather in your arms those we now name.


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