Sunday, October 23, 2016

Prayer 1371- The Twenty-third Sunday After Pentecost

The glory of God sings out from the heavens!

Holy One, your love pours out over the entire earth, and we lift our hands and hearts in praise and joy. We thank You for your abiding tenderness: let us join the song of praise for You, O God, in the company of all creation. 

Forgive us our offenses, even when we stumble from your paths of mercy and justice: may we build up rather than tear down. Help us to stand not in pride against our brothers and sisters, but in humility and compassion with and among them. Help us tend to the sick and the sorrowful, and wipe away the tears of the broken-hearted. 

Instead, let us turn to the Lord of Light and Truth, and bear witness in our joy to the gospel of love. Give us hands and hearts for healing, and make us companions unified by the Bread of Life. 

Hear the prayers of your people, O God, and attend to those whose cry is to You.


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