Monday, October 24, 2016

Prayer 1372- for discernment

A bend in the path- Babler State Park, Wildwood, MO.

Come, let us rise up, and offer thanks and praise to God, who is making the heavens and the earth! 
Loving Savior, take our all we offer to You, for in your mercy you have redeemed us to live in love and in peace. 
Your love, O God, is sweeter than honey: inscribe our hearts with your compassion, that we may always walk in your light. 

May we turn our hands to work that glorifies your Name, O Lord, and turn our hearts to living in love and faithfulness. 
Inspire us to witness in thought, word, and deed to a seeking world, testifying to your goodness and love. 
Look with favor on all your people, O Holy One, and bless and keep within your embrace all those for whom we pray.


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