Thursday, October 20, 2016

Prayer 1368- a prayer for rising

Morning mist rising like a prayer.

O God, early in the morning we open up our hearts to You;
renew our questing hearts every morning in your love, we pray. 

In stillness, in peace, thankfulness wells up 
like a spring of clear water is absorbed into thirsty ground.

Let your holy wisdom take root within us, Lord Christ:
let us prepare the ground of our hearts to welcome your word. 

Nourished by your grace, restored by your mercy,
lead us into reconciliation with each other.

We pray that all have love enough,
and bread enough,
that all may dwell in peace and plenty in your care,
O Most High.

Forgive us for the hearts we've broken rather than set free,
and the walls we've built up to shut ourselves in.

Look upon us with tenderness, we pray,
and help us cast away our vanity and pride.

Lord Christ, let your prayer of love be prayed within us
and draw us into heaven's banquet of fellowship.

Let your Spirit of healing come down
and give rest to those we remember before You. 


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