Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Prayer 1367- for discernment and action

Autumn comes to Eden.

Almighty, Life-giving God, You are our help and our salvation: show forth your glory in the world as our song of love rises to You. Let us tend to the earth and to each other with gladness of heart, uplifted by hope.

Pour out your wisdom upon us, Merciful One, and give us the will to plant peace and uproot injustice wherever it springs up. 
Let us feed the hungry, tend the sick, care for the exile, and shelter the homeless, embodying the hands and heart of Jesus. 
Let us resist oppression and cruelty in all its forms, and honor the dignity and worth of all that lives. 
Let us treasure this living Earth You made for us and all your creatures, and join in its song of praise to You. 

Merciful One, your love is from everlasting: send forth your peace upon those for whom we pray.


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