Sunday, October 16, 2016

Prayer 1364: Twenty-second Sunday After Pentecost

A Monarch caterpillar finds food because someone deliberately planted milkweed in a garden.
Can we do no less for out brothers and sisters who are hungry?

O Lord, You are the refuge of all who seek justice and peace, our great Advocate: we draw near to give You praise. Inscribe your great commandment on our heart, that we may love and serve You by how we love and serve each other. 

Blessed Jesus, you are our bread and our cup: help us, as your body in the world, to feed the world in love and light. Let us never rest until all are fed in truth and in Spirit, and the hungry are fed and embraced. 

Our hands joined around your altars, let us be filled with the Holy Spirit to sow peace and justice as we go forth in joy. In all things, may we be led by your call to relieve the needy and comfort the afflicted through the power of your grace. 

Holy One, grateful for your abiding care for us, we lift up the needs of those for whom we now pray.


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